TheJUF's Israel Education Center Event & Funding Proposal

This form is to propose a campus event and to request funding if necessary. All questions should be answered thoroughly. Incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned to you to finish. If you would like to request funding from the Israel Education Center be sure to complete the "Funding" section below. If you do not need funding for your event, please skip the "Funding" section. If you have any questions regarding this form please contact Zoe Lewis Nielsen, 

Please note, IEC funding is limited to our partner universities. The majority of our partner schools are listed under the "Hillel/School/Organization" list. In addition to those listed, we serve all universities within the state of Illinois. 

Due 1 Week after the event

ie: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Please enter one whole number, not a range or other language
Event Mission

Be extremely specific. Provide as much detail as possible. Short responses will receive a request for further explanation.

Go beyond "to educate people about Israel." that is a given. Please be as specific as possible. We are looking to understand why this event is useful/important/valuable/etc.

Please be as specific as possible. Generic responses will receive a request for further explanation.


List student organizations, departments, outside Israel organizations, etc.

Co-sponsors should be contributing any or all of the following: money, advertising, materials, facilities, etc. Please specify what things the co-sponsor will be providing or doing to contribute to the success of the event.

If Yes, please list all Funding sources and amount(s) granted and requested below:

As your university is outside of the state of Illinois, to apply for funding please visit one of the applications listed below:

Hillel International

To request funding please complete all of the information below. This includes: food, marketing materials, event materials, speaker fees, space rental fees, etc. Incomplete requests cannot be completed. Be specific about costs, listing each item individually and be sure to include the per unit price in the Description of Expense section (please see example below). Expenses should be listed specifically. For example, rather than "food" we need to know "Pitas from Taboun" and then the individual cost for that item from that establishment, and then the total cost for the pitas. 

Please do NOT include $ in the Total Cost of Expense section (it messes up the form's calculations)!

(Please note: it will say "error" until you complete ALL fields below. However, if you do not need funding, you can just ignore this section)

Do not include $ (dollar signs)!

Do not include dollar signs!

Please note, if you receive funding from the Israel Education Center our logo must appear on all marketing materials and documents associated with the event where possible.