Propeller Accelerator Application

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Program Dates: 9/9/16 through 12/15/16

Please Note:
1) All applications must be submitted here.
2) Application responses will not be saved prior to submission, so we strongly recommend drafting answers offline then copying and pasting when you are ready to submit.

We’re seeking startup entrepreneurs, sector experts, and catalysts for social change, bringing viable and innovative solutions to Propeller’s four target sectors of food access, health, water management, and educational equity. We select ventures based on three main criteria:
  1. Potential for social/ environmental impact. The solution must seek to reduce or eliminate disparities for at-risk or underserved New Orleanians and/ or address a significant environmental water challenge; 
  2. Financial sustainability. Solutions should demonstrate a potential viable and sustainable revenue stream, if revenue is required for implementation;
  3. Viability. Convince us that you and your team have what it takes to make your idea a reality given:
    • Educational, professional or life experience;
    • Proven track record starting, leading, or operating an initiative, program, or past venture;
    • Demonstrated experience in public health, community development, or food;
    • Ability to connect to, engage with, and serve at risk or underserved New Orleanians.
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i.e., Jane Smith: Primary founder and 51% legal owner. Mark Smith: Co-founder. Joy Smith: 49% legal owner. 

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Application Part II

You are half-way done! Click submit to complete Part I of the application. You will then continue on to Part II which will provide us with further details about your venture and your stage of development. We will use this information to compare you to other candidates. It should take you 30 minutes to complete the remaining forms (general business information, financial performance/projections, social impact, further details about your personal entrepreneurial experience, and your demographic information). Be sure to continue through the forms until you reach the end!

Additionally, if you have any co-founders, they will receive an email with a link to a form that will allow us to collect additional information about them. Please encourage your co-founders to fill this out in a timely manner so that your application will be complete when reviewed by our staff. 

Your application will be considered incomplete until you and your team members have submitted all supplemental application forms. Please email the Programs team at, if you have any questions about the rest of the forms.