NAMT New Works Newsletter Event Listing Form

Please use this form if you have a new musical that you would like to have listed in the calendar of the New Works Newsletter.

Note: Listings are only accepted for musicals produced by a NAMT Member, NAMT Associate Member or by a NAMT Festival Alumni Writer. 

To have your event listed, please fill out this form by the 10th of the month in which you want it listed (the New Works Newsletter usually goes out around the third Thursday of each month).  NAMT Members, Associate Members and Festival Alumni Writers can list shows for free.  NAMT Associate Members can have one listing per month.

In order to be considered a new musical, the show must not have:
• been published or licensed 
• been written and presented originally more than 7 years ago

Once you submit a listing for a show, that listing will be valid for the length of the run of the show.   

If the show has multiple productions, each production must be submitted individually.   

Shows can be entered as far in advance as you want; we will keep them on file until they are needed.  

If you have any questions regarding this form or the listings, please email Karin at

This form is for NAMT Members, Associates and Festival Alumni only.

Please make sure you include clearly who wrote the book, lyrics and music


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