SCLS Annual Barcode Order Form

Use this form to order item and patron barcode labels for the Annual Bulk barcode order in 2024. Orders are collated into a bulk order to get the lowest cost per thousand possible. Once the order is manufactured, the barcode labels are shipped to the SCLS office, separated and repacked by SCLS staff and sent to each library through Delivery. After the labels are delivered each library that ordered will receive a bill from SCLS for your share of the order and shipping. If we order over 50,000 Single/Twin labels, the pricing will be $43.85 per thousand (minimum order of 7200). The pricing for Double barcodes is $90.25 per thousand (total minimum order of 7200).

There are 72 barcodes/labels per sheet printed for Singles. There are 72 labels and 36 barcode numbers per sheet for Twins.  There are 48 full and 48 half labels/numbers per sheet for Doubles (or two-part labels).

In the form below, indicate the number of thousand labels you want to order (3000, 5000, 14,00, etc.), regardless of type. We no longer order labels by sheet quantity, but for patron barcode labels we will separate, repack, deliver and charge by sheet count; it is too time intensive to do otherwise. For example, if you order 4000 labels and the ending number of your order lies in the middle of a sheet of a barcodes, we will send you that entire sheet and bill you appropriately.

In the section below, select your library and enter the name, telephone number, and email address of the contact person.

Next, indicate in the spaces below the style the number of barcodes you are ordering, rounded to the nearest thousand. There are three styles to choose from. The samples below illustrate each style. (The library name will be in larger type, as in the sample at the top of the page.)
Item barcode labels have a library name on the label, patron barcode labels do not.
  • Single barcodes are the simplest, consisting of one barcode and number for each label. 
  • Double barcodes consist of one full barcode label and a numbered label.
  • Twin barcodes are sets of two identical barcodes/labels for each number. If you are ordering twin barcode labels, order the number of separate numbers that you need. You will be paying for twice that many labels. For example, if you order 5,000 twin barcodes, you will receive (and pay for) 10,000 separate labels.
Single barcodes
  • Order by thousand
  • One label only
  • NO library name on patron labels

Double barcodes
  • Order by thousand
  • One full label plus numbered sticker
  • NO library name on patron labels

Twin barcodes
  • Order by thousand
  • 2 identical labels for each number
  • NO library name on patron labels

Please enter the number of barcode labels you are ordering by the thousand, not by number of sheets. In the box below, add any special instructions about your order, or questions you might have. All orders are due 01/17/2024. Once all orders are in they will be reviewed and each library will receive an order confirmation email. The order will be placed with the vendor in January and the order is produced and shipped in early February. Call Cindy Weber at 608-245-5799 or send an email to with any questions.

DEADLINE to submit your order is January 17, 2024.