"Our main goal was to create a totally different experience from the typical church experience in the South. The environment was so different at the Regal theatre – it took away all the barriers that make people fear church."

- Justin Haigler, Executive Pastor
Simple Church

Church is about the people, not about the building. Don't be burdened by the high cost of bricks and mortar. Pour your resources into building your ministry and reaching your community. Holding your services in a movie theatre allows you to do just that. As the theatre church expert, we will help guide you in establishing and growing your church in the theatre. Our theatres are also easy-to-find, natural gathering spaces with ample parking, spacious lobbies, plenty of bathrooms, comfy seats, great acoustics, and of course the silver screen. Learn how you can transform your church today.

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Regal Theatre Church is the division of Regal Entertainment Group that facilitates the Sunday morning rental agreements of our movie theatres (U.S. only).  We are not a ministry nor do we operate anywhere outside of the United States.