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*Guest Apartments upon availability and for additional cost
Finding a Host at BGU
To apply for the Internship program, you are requested to find an academic host / advisor at BGU.

1. Please review the following link and contact a relevant host / advisor:
BGU Scholars database: 
2. Coordinate the Internship with the selected host / advisor
3. Only after receiving consent from a BGU host / advisor, submit your application.

Please note that only applications with host / advisor information will be reviewed. 
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An Email will be sent to the recommender on your behalf asking to upload the recommendation letter.
Professional recommendation -  from a supervisor of a volunteering\Internship\extracurricular experience.
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It is possible to upload an unofficial copy for your transcript and send the official copy to the New York office at: AABGU 1001 6th ave New York, NY 10018 ATT: Sarah Broad

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