Report Problems with Koha Bib Records


Report Problems with Bib Records
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Use this form to report misspellings, incorrect titles or authors, missing authors, missing page numbers, incorrect editions, etc. You may also use this form to ask linking questions, or to request additional subject headings or authors. 

Libraries submitting this form may receive a reply if Madison cataloging staff have questions or are providing an explanation regarding the resolution of a report. Easily resolved reports will not receive a reply. Most reports will be resolved within 3 business days. Should additional time be required, Madison cataloging staff will contact the submitting library.

To find the bib number, click on the MARC tab of the bib record. The number is listed at the top of the screen (before the title). If you do not have a bib number, enter None.

(e.g. title, author, subject)

Please be as specific as possible