NRP Certification Courses in San Diego

Continuing education is one of the key areas of responsibilities by any health care provider. The constant responsibility to improve and keep up to date with the trends of the health care profession is a must. Advanced Healthcare Education offers its services in continuous education training for certification courses. Advanced Healthcare Education offers quality ongoing educational training for healthcare providers. And they provide NRP certification in San Diego as well as Los Angeles County and Orange County. Getting an NRP certification in San Diego has been made convenient through their flexible services provided. At Advanced Healthcare Education, found here are well trained healthcare educators that could make your learning fun and worthwhile.



The healthcare profession involves being frequently exposed to stressful situations. There is no need to add learning as one of the causes of stress for nurses or any healthcare provider. Which is why a comprehensive and stress free approaches are implemented during the course of your training with them. It should be noted that passing an online examination is a prerequisite to attending the NRP courses offered. AHE offers its review materials for study prior to taking the NRP online examination. The review materials are available for purchase at the site at fixed rates. These include an NRP textbook, student DVDs and other study guides that could help you pass. When taking the online test, you are given 14 days to finish it. It will consist of 9 lessons that are featured on your review materials. Take note that not all key points are discussed or provided by your review materials. You are given 2 attempts to pass each lesson and a failure beyond that will require you to pay more for a retake. It is important that you must finish each section prior to logging out from the online exam. Leaving in the middle of a test is counted as a failed attempt. Taking the NRP online examination is convenient. An online exam removes some degree of stress and anxiety for some people. You can start each section whenever you want. Keep in mind to finish it all within 14 days. You get results fast because a computer can provide the results of your examination fast. Take the printed out result to an AHE instructor for verification within 30 days. Passing the NRP online examination enables you access to the NRP Interactive Skills Course. AHE provides a well-structured NRP Interactive Skills Course. The skills being taught are designed to develop improved core competencies in practical application. Healthcare providers are given firsthand experience opportunities to put NRP textbook theories into practice.

With AHE, getting a certification or recertification course for NRP comes easy. You learn in a well structured environment that ensures stress free experience while learning. To learn more about how Advanced Healthcare Education can help you, you can 
click here to check out its website at It also offers other certification courses such as ACLS, BLS and PALS. Contact them now and register for a class to get started.

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