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STG'S Nights at the Neptune: A People's Theatre Joint!

Applications are now being accepted for the Summer 2019 Series!
Please apply by February 15, 2019.

Seattle Theatre Group (STG), the non-profit arts organization which programs and manages three historic Seattle theatres (Paramount, Moore, and Neptune), will make The Neptune Theatre in Seattle available free of charge to artists and community organizations to create and perform a public arts event of their own design. STG is soliciting proposals in comedy, film, live music, dance, & theatre. Four events will be selected by a jury of arts advocates to be presented on back to back Thursday nights during the summer of 2018. These events will be offered at no charge to the public.

Since 2013, STG has been producing this free public performance series as a way to create space for local artists to connect with the people of Seattle. The series’ special focus is Art that relates to the pressing issues of our time; honors and celebrates our shared cultures and uplifts a more multicultural community!

STG provides:
  • Two consecutive days in the theatre to each selected applicant free of charge (one day for preparation and one day for presentation). Please review the list of dates below. 
  • Series marketing—inclusion in press release, printed marketing materials and social media announcements for Nights at the Neptune series.
  • Basic staffing and technical crew
  • Basic lighting and sound equipment
  • $500 honorarium paid to the producing artist or entity
Selection Criteria:
***Please Note: Priority will be given to Artists/Organizations who have not previously performed in Nights at the Neptune.
  • Locality —presenting artists or organizations must be based in the Puget Sound region
  • Content—Artistic significance of project and/or emerging approach to the arts
  • Capacity to complete presentation—selected applicants must be able to see the presentation through to completion
  • Underserved access to facilities—participants will be drawn from traditionally underserved populations
  • Ability to increase activity in University District neighborhood— selected applicants will stimulate activity in the area adjacent to and beyond the Neptune Theatre
  • Inclusion of issues relating to race, social justice, youth, or marginalized populations will be offered additional consideration
Please go on to the next page to begin your application!

Artist/Group Information

Project Summary

Performance Information
50 words or less
90 minutes max
***Please Note: Performances must not be longer than 90 minutes
Key Artist and Collaborator Information
Please list any other collaborators – first and last name, job/position (e.g. composer, video artist, set designer, dancer).

Project Details

Project Narrative
Please provide a clear description (no longer than 1000 words) of the proposed project and how your participation in the series would affect the development of this project and your overall artistic development.

(When writing the project proposal, help the selection panel visualize the finished work. Specify reasons that support your decision to apply and indicate how this work fits within the context of the series. Be concise and specific: How do you envision the project? How will it look and feel to an audience? What are your artistic goals with this project? Is there a desired impact? How does this project differentiate from previous projects? How is this project pushing your own artistic boundaries? What do you hope to gain by participating in the Nights at the Neptune series?)
3000 character limit.
Biographical Information
Please include a short biography and/or resume of the key artists/groups/collaborators (under 500 words per collaborator).

You may also include weblinks to recent press related to the artist/group, if applicable. Please be as concise as possible and limit your submissions to those most relevant toward evaluating this proposal. If cutting/pasting reviews from websites or blogs, be sure to indicate the source of any critical response.
1000 character limit.
(Optional) Additional Statement
The Nights at the Neptune series is committed to selecting a diverse cohort of grantees, and encourages all individuals to apply regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, veteran status, or disability status. You may choose to submit an optional brief statement below that will enable the panelists to understand the contribution your personal background would make to the Nights at the Neptune series and how the selection criteria is applicable to you/your proposed project. (500 words or less)


Notes about Technical Elements:
If the work has extensive special requirements, Nights at the Neptune may not be able to meet it with our equipment. Please make your technical requirements flexible within the series format.

SOUND: Any headset microphones must typically be supplied by the festival artist. We are able to rent equipment at your expense if necessary. 

VIDEO: Nights at the Neptune supplies one projector in the festival plot that is located center, front of house, projecting onto a 9x16’ screen at the back of the stage. Any additional video support needed may need to be provided by the artist.

VENUE: The series takes place at the historic Neptune Theatre, Seattle Theatre Group’s 750-seat, proscenium stage renovated in 2011 and built as a movie theatre in 1921. If you are not familiar with this venue, please inspect the groundplan to ensure your work is flexible for this size and configuration. 

HOUSE: On the main floor STG has three options for flexible general admission seating A). No seats – standing room only B). Fully seated – up to 500 total seats in rows C). Mixed seating – standing room only at pit level, seated rows OR tables and chairs at the lower bar area. D. We are open to proposals for site-responsive/installation works that take place elsewhere in the theatre. In choosing an alternative space the assumption is that the performance is self-contained and Seattle Theatre Group will not provide additional technical support. Please provide some information on the type of space required, preferably a specific location in or around the Neptune Theatre.

Project Technical Requirements
Please provide a list of technical requirements below. List things such as: Amplified sound/voice/instruments/microphones, special lighting, set description/drawings, video description/needs, excessive preparation or clean-up time. 
***Note: You may also submit a stage and/or lighting plot by following the instructions on page 7 of this application. If you choose to upload, please note that below so your form will submit properly.


Please include a general outline of anticipated expenses involved in producing the work, as well as sources of income (grants, in-kind residencies, sponsorships received, artist contribution, etc.).

This does not need to be a detailed budget, only to give a sense of the scale of the project, the anticipated expenses and how you plan to meet any income goals.

***Note: If you have a detailed budget already prepared, you may submit that document using the instructions on page 7 of this application. If you choose to upload, please note that below so your form will submit properly.


The work sample that is included with your application should be a thoughtful representation of your work, both individually and collaboratively, if applicable. Be sure to choose documentation that best spotlights your work in the context of what you are proposing for the festival.

Suggestions for work samples are: A) Video of resolved work, B) Video of rehearsal or rough footage of the proposed work, C) Audio files of collaborating composers or musicians, D) Sketches of Costume Design and/or Set Design, E) Script or text for proposed work. A rough sample of both the proposed work and completed past work is typically very helpful in assessing your application.

You may include a total of 5 minutes of completed past work and an additional 1-2 minutes of a rough work-in-progress sample. If your proposal includes multiple collaborators coming together specifically for this project, you may include one work sample per collaborator. If it is a group that has worked together before, a work sample of your past joint efforts is preferred.

Providing a link to a video channel, general website or longer video without a timecode is typically not helpful, as selection panelists have a limited amount to time to review each application. Providing clear instructions for exactly what you would like reviewed is the best way to help ensure your samples are reviewed fully. It is often very difficult for panelists to assess applications with no visual representation of past or proposed work.

The selection panel may not get to all of the work samples provided, so think about what is most important for the panel to review and arrange things in order accordingly. Proposed project narratives and work samples are typically the most heavily weighted portions of the application. 

Please include:
Hyperlink to Vimeo or YouTube video, with any applicable password. Include a timecode to start/stop at if you'd like us to view a section of a longer video. 

For each sample please provide:
1) Title/Date/Location of work sample.
2) A brief description of each clip/track.

Please enable videos for download if possible. We suggest HD resolution videos that can be viewed in full-screen format.

Provide hyperlinks to audio files, sketches of costume design/set design, text/script of proposed project.

For each sample please provide:
1) Title/Date/Location of work sample.
2) A brief description of each work sample. 
Work Sample Submission
You may list links and descriptive information for your work samples below.

Alternatively, you can submit copies of your work samples by uploading them to the shared NATN folder here.

If your work samples are not linked, and you prefer to share them directly, you may also email them to

Please indicate if you are uploading or emailing your materials in the box to allow your application to be submitted.

You may also upload your stage plot and/or budget outline through the link above. Please also note if we should expect those files.