Eligibility for TJFP Grant Application
The Trans Justice Funding Project supports trans-led groups with budgets of under $250,000 in the United States. Please answer the next few questions carefully so that we can make sure you are eligible to apply.

Are you located in the United States or a U.S. territory?

We only fund groups in the United States, including the U.S. territories. Unfortunately we do not fund groups in any other countries.

Are you a group?

What is the difference between a group and an individual?

• Groups have at least 2 committed members that meet regularly and work together toward shared trans justice goals. 

• Please remember that we do not fund individuals. 

• If you are an artist with assistants (as opposed to working collectively), you would not be considered a group.

What kinds of groups are eligible?
*You do not need non-profit status to receive a grant from us*

• 501c3s
• Groups with a fiscal sponsor
• Groups that are incorporated in another way (for example, as a business)
• Groups that are not incorporated

What is a group with a fiscal sponsor?

This means that a non-profit organization—your fiscal sponsor—receives donations for you. Usually you pay a fee to your fiscal sponsor in return and have a formal, signed agreement. Your group has its own independent leadership and is in charge of how your donations are spent. 

Is a program at a non-profit organization a group?

If you are a program at a non-profit organization, you are not a group. You are a part of that non-profit organization. The non-profit's leadership has the final say over program decisions, staff, and budget. The non-profit's leadership also decides how donations are spent and there is no formal, signed agreement that the non-profit will receive donations separately for the program.  

If you are applying from a program at a non-profit organization, your non-profit organization itself must be trans-led and have a budget of under $250,000 to be eligible. Please answer all of the following eligibility questions as they apply to your non-profit organization, not to your program

We make this important distinction between programs and groups so that we can be sure trans leaders have full decision-making power over how their TJFP grant money is used.

Is your budget less than $250,000?

• Again, please remember that a program is not a group. If your program budget is less than $250,000, but your group's total budget is more than $250,000, you are not eligible. 

• If you are a group with a fiscal sponsor, your own group's budget must be less than $250,000. It does not matter what your fiscal sponsor's budget is.

Is your group trans-led?

What does trans-led mean?

• Trans-led means that the majority of the people in charge of your group identify as trans or gender non-conforming. 

What do we mean by "in charge"?

• If you have a director, your director should identify as trans or gender non-conforming. 
• If you have a board, a collective, or an advisory committee, the majority of staff, collective or committee members should identify as trans or gender non-conforming. 
• If you have a staff, the majority of staff members should identify as trans or gender non-conforming. 
• If you are volunteer-run, the majority of your volunteer leaders should identify as trans or gender non-conforming. 

If your group has a trans-related program that includes trans or gender non-conforming leadership, but the majority of your organization's leadership (director, staff, board, etc) do not identify as trans or gender non-conforming, your group is not trans-led.

There are hundreds of grassroots groups across the country that are trans-led. We want to make sure that TJFP's grant money goes directly to supporting them!