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Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute

Please complete this application to register your intent with the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2CPII) to obtain a Cradle to Cradle certification or Material Health Certificate for your product(s). A Cradle to Cradle Certified Accredited Assessment Body must already be engaged in the product assessment process prior to application submission.

Please visit the C2CPII website to learn more about the Certification Process, including a list of items required prior to issuance of a certification.

Please note that this form is for new certifications only. To update information for a product that has already been certified, use the product registry update form.
Company Information

Primary/Legal Address
VAT will be reverse-charged in Europe, except for NL companies. VAT Numbers may be known as: German: Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer/ Mehrwertsteuernummer French: Numéro d'identification à la taxe sur la valeur ajoutée Dutch: Btw-nummer Italian: Partita IVA Spanish: Número de Identificación Fiscal

Billing Address

Please limit to 5MB or less JPG or PNG
Certification Contact
The Certification Contact will be the primary point of contact at your company and will receive all communications pertaining to the certification of the product.

Secondary Certification Contact
Identify a secondary certification contact who will also receive all communications pertaining to the certification process, and may respond in case we can not reach the primary certification contact.

Accounts Payable Contact
The Accounts Payable contact will be the contact used for all C2CPII billing activities.

Marketing Contact
The Marketing contact will be our contact for completion of the Certification Agreement and coordination of use of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ marks, as well as future communications and marketing opportunities.

Public Certification Contact for Products Registry
The public contact is the contact displayed on the online product registry. By adding a point of contact to the website, we hope to facilitate interested parties in finding your products. This contact does not need to be for a specific person; a general sales address, info address, or helpdesk address may be used.

For example a sales or information contact.

Name example: 'Sue Smith' OR 'General Information'
Email example: ssmith@yourcompany.com OR info@yourcompany.com
C2CPII Community
Beginning 1 July 2021, new certification applicants join the C2CPII community upon their initial application for product certification. All community members pay an annual fee based on company revenue. Certification holders in the community benefit from:
  • A dedicated relationship manager 
  • Recognition of certification achievements on the C2CPII website and social media
  • On-boarding guidance and strategic, technical, and marketing support for certification and recertification 
  • Access to certification guidance documents and training materials 
  • Knowledge exchange through dedicated user groups and roundtables
  • Exclusive Community Forum with C2CPII leadership team
  • Eligibility to serve on C2CPII committees and technical working groups
  • One complimentary ticket to C2CPII annual event

Community membership is available at the company group or brand level, if your brand is owned by a company that already holds certification, you may be included within the scope of their annual fee.

Company fees are based on annual revenue, please select the annual gross sales bracket that applies to your company, based on the previous fiscal year:





Less than 10M



10M – 100M



100M – 500M



Greater than 500M



The Institute works with the C2CPII community to realize its vision of a world where safe materials and products are designed and manufactured in a prosperous, circular economy to maximize health and wellbeing for people and planet. We ask each organization in our community to support this work by committing to:
  • Share the common goal of advancing measurable progress in the five focus areas of the Cradle to Cradle framework: Material Health, Product Circularity, Clean Air & Climate Protection, Water & Soil Stewardship, Social Fairness
  • Strive to embed Cradle to Cradle principles in our own company strategies, optimization processes and value chain operations
  • Support raising awareness on the Cradle to Cradle Certified approach and benefits with internal and external stakeholders to drive systems change
  • Have compliance mechanisms, policies and/or management systems in place to protect the environment and uphold fundamental human rights in company operations and across value chains.
Certificate Information
Add information here for each separate certification to be issued, as each will have a separate page on the product registry.

Products are grouped onto certificates based on similarity of product composition. Please work with your assessor to determine the appropriate product groupings for purposes of certification, and submit information for each product or product group to be separately certified.

To add information for a separate certification, use the link below which says "Add another product description"
Descriptive product names in languages other than English, require an English translation that should be added in parentheses after the native language name.

A Material Health Certificate may be issued along with a Cradle to Cradle certification for no additional cost.

Select which version of the certification standard you intend to certify against, if known.

Private Label Certification

A Private Label certification is a certification issued based on a certificate that has already been issued. You will need to demonstrate that the product being sold is identical to the already certified product, outside of the packaging and branding. Paste the URL of the parent product on the product registry that this Private Label will relate to.

This form must be signed by the OEM and the Private Label certification applicant.

Add a link to a website providing additional information about the product and where it can be purchased.A link to a website providing additional information about the product and where it can be purchased.

Product Description
Descriptions will appear on the public Product Registry, and should include the form and function of the product with no claims related to performance or sustainability. These descriptions may be edited by C2CPII staff, as necessary, to conform to our new description guidelines.

Provide a MasterFormat specification for products relating to the Built Environment.
The scorecard is a public view of the level achieved in each of the 5 categories of certification and is displayed by default.

Image should be at least 700 pixels wide, 5MB or less, JPG or PNG. Limit is one image per product, if you would like to include multiple photos, please compile into one composite image file.
To add information for another certificate, click the 'Add another product certification' link below.
Assessment Body
In order to complete your certification application, an Accredited Assessment Body must assess your product(s). Please indicate which Assessment Body you are working with to have your product assessed and generate an Assessment Summary Report.

A copy of your responses will be forwarded to your assessor, so that they are aware of your application.
Certification Agreement
The Cradle to Cradle Certified™ image and word marks may be licensed for use to advertise a product that has achieved Cradle to Cradle certification. Before a certification can be issued, a Certification Agreement must be signed. Once we have received this initial registration form, we will send the Certification Agreement for your review and signature.

If you are applying for a Material Health Certificate, no trademarks are licensed for use with that program.

Payment Information
Along with the C2CPII community fee, an application fee of $3600USD/€3150 per certificate must be paid before the audit of the certification can begin. For Private Label certifications, where a Certification Agreement has not yet been completed with C2CPII, the application fee is $3000/€2625. This fee covers review of a new product certification application.

An invoice will be sent upon acceptance of this application and may be paid by wire transfer, check or credit card.

Note that fees in USD will be paid to our US office. Fees paid in EUROS will be paid to our office in the Netherlands.
If you have a purchase order number that must be included on your invoice, please add it here.

If you choose to pay now, you will be directed to the payment page upon submission of this form.

For companies based in the Netherlands, 21% VAT will be added to the application fee total. For all other EU companies, VAT will be reverse charged if a VAT number has been provided.

By submitting this information, you have registered your intent to obtain Cradle to Cradle certification or Material Health Certificate for your products. You recognize that in order to complete the certification process, you will need to:
  1. Work with an Accredited Assessment Body to submit a complete and accurate Assessment Summary Report.
  2. Sign the Certification Agreement.
  3. Pay all fees for certification, according to our Fees Schedule (or the fees associated with Material Health Certificates). Please note that we will not begin audit of the assessment report until the application fees have been paid in full.
If any changes need to be made after submitting this form, please contact certification@c2ccertified.org for assistance.

By submitting your personal data, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy which states in detail how your data is processed and you give as far as required by applicable law consent for the processing of your data for the purpose of managing your certification projects and keeping you informed of important project and program developments.
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