Ice Kachang Live Station (Free Flow) v1.2a

Booking Form for Petitfour Express Holdings Pte Ltd - Version 1.2a (Developed on 06.01.2016) 
Note: Do ensure that you have read our terms and conditions before making a bookings.
Petitfour Express
Live Station Selections

Minimum hours for the live station will be 3 hours per station, per location. Service includes manpower. 
Normal operating service for live station up to 9pm only. For service up to 10pm and 11pm, service surcharges appplies.

Equipment Selections

Select your preferred machine to match your theme (if any). Retro Style machine additional cost applies. 
Electric Machine
Table Setting

Select options for table to be setup by customer or by company (Petitfour Express). Table surcharge includes setting up and dismantling. 
If customer to provide the table, No additional cost but please do ensure 
that table is at least 2m x 1m or equipvalent to , two (2) buffet square table. 
Customer Details

Do ensure that the details on this sections is correct. 
Booking Confirmation

Customer agree that full payment is required in other to confirm bookings. Petitfour Express will block the dates that you have booked  once full payment is made. Payment must be made within 3 working days after an official invoice is emailed. Should there be no payment, the company will release the dates back to the public for regular bookings.

Select payment method. If you have selected credit card or bank transfer, do wait for further instruction that will be reflected in the invoice. Once we received your bookings, give us 1 working day to prepare your invoice and the necessary banking details for you to make the fund transfer. For credit card, we will not ask your credit card number. A credit card link will be sent to you for you to make your credit card submissions. 

Cash Meetup Appointment

You have selected cash payment at billing address. Please select which date you would like our sales representatives to come at your convenience. Do ensure the billing address is correct. If you would like us to come to another location please input in the address below, otherwise ignore the field. Additional +$20 is charges for cash meetup service. Our sales person will provide you (on the spot) with paid invoice as your receipt of payment. 

ignore if not required.

 To confirm your bookings, payment must be made in full within 3 days of invoice date sent. Client will have a choice to make payment via i-banking, credit card ($15 service charge) or cash meetups ($20 charge). For i-banking, we will supply you with an invoice with our account number stated. For credit card, we will email you the credit card link page for you to key in your credit card number and make purchase. Do take note that we will never ask your credit card details to make these bookings. All credit card link purchase are encrypted for safe online purchase. You will be charged additional $15 for every credit card transaction.

Note: If this purchase is gift to your relatives, do let them know about the setup to their venue.

"By submitting this booking form, customer agree to the terms and conditions applied to our service limitations"
For more enquiries, or if there is an error on this form, please sms to +65 96685444