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Minnesota Business Venture camps are offered twice in 2024. Both sessions are at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Applications are accepted on a first come, first accepted basis starting in January. Registration for our first session closes when at capacity or June 21, whichever comes first. Second session closes when at capacity or July 5, whichever comes first.

Minnesota Business Venture Registration

Student Information

Please enter full school name without any abbreviations.

Students are eligible after completing 9th grade.

Required for students asking for financial assistance.

Home Address

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Parent 1/ Guardian 1 Information

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Educator Reference

Please provide the name and email address of a teacher at your school who is willing to be a reference for you. Please tell this teacher that they will be receiving an email form today with link to complete.  


Minnesota Business Venture is looking forward to providing you with a fun, memorable and safe summer camp experience. Each camper has a responsibility to act in a way that ensures a positive experience for all. All campers are required to follow these guidelines:

      • Campers shall be responsible for their words and actions.
      • Campers shall be respectful of others.
      • Campers shall follow directions from staff members and comply with campus rules.
      • Campers are required to attend all scheduled programs and activities and cannot leave campus at any time.
      • Campers cannot have guests on campus.
      • Campers who bring a car to campus must park in the designated lot and leave their car keys with the MBV staff for the week.
      • Campers must adhere to all residence hall rules set forth by the campus.
      • Residence halls are separated by gender and will be supervised accordingly.
      • Campers shall use cell phones and personal electronic devices during free time only.
      • Prohibited behaviors include:

1.    Endangering or threatening to endanger the health and safety of themselves, other campers, staff, and/or volunteers. 

2.    Any harassment, including sexual language or imagery, intimidation, stalking, name-calling, unwelcome attention, libel.

3.    Bullying or acts of aggression or violence.

4.    Refusal to follow the behavior guidelines.

5.    Using profanity or inappropriate language. 

6.    Wearing clothing or other personal items with offensive content.

7.    Possessing or using weapons, illegal substances, tobacco, or alcohol.

      • BestPrep and the University of St. Thomas campus will adhere to the Minnesota Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control guidelines around COVID-19 best practices.
      • MBV is an intensive, academic program. These rules are designed for the student’s safety and enjoyment. Failure to comply with the Program Guidelines may result in the removal from the program. 


The early-bird cost to attend is $200. After April 19th, 2024, this cost will rise to $300. This payment is non-refundable if you cancel or fail to turn in all your paperwork by the due date. Our goal is to ensure that every student is given the opportunity to attend MBV. Financial aid is available for those families who qualify for free/reduced price lunch. 

Do not enter dollar sign ($) or decimal point.

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