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Townsend Scholarship
Each year the Walcot Foundation is able to offer a Townsend scholarship to Lambeth Black and Minority Ethnic pupils from low-income households who gain a place at a Russell Group University. This scholarship will be worth £1,000 a term for three years (£9,000 in total).

The closing date for applications is 16 June 2023.

Any eligible student that is not awarded a Townsend Scholarship will automatically be assessed for a Walcot Foundation student bursary, worth £1,800 per year, without having to make a further grant application.

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Before completing this form please read the guidance notes.  Also if you wish to check your financial eligibility, click here.  If you wish to see a pdf preview of this form, click here.

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If you live outside Lambeth but have been looked after (i.e. in care of) by the London Borough of Lambeth for at least one year, you should answer yes. If you live outside of Lambeth with your family but still in the care of Lambeth (e.g. your family receives housing benefit from Lambeth Council) you should answer yes.

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above you will not be eligible for a Townsend Scholarship from us and should not complete this form


You have entered "No" on one of the eligibility criteria and so are not eligible for a grant.  You may find other grants on

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Only enter this if you have lived at your present address for less than one year

Please just write number - e.g. 9, not "9 years" or "Since 2006"

Please give name of organisation if appropriate.

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From secondary school onwards, please list the schools/colleges you have attended with your current one first with subjects studied.  Please give details of any qualifications received (e.g GCSEs) and predicted qualifications for A-Levels

Please give details (Name, Age, Relationship to you) 

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Please provide this information about the head/s of household.  We know that your family will have other expenses in addition to those listed below.  However, these are not included in our financial eligibility calculation, so please do not list them. You must complete this section carefully.  Without these details we cannot work out whether you are financially eligible for a grant and your application will be returned. All income that you enter in this section should match up with the bank statements that you have provided.


Please enter numbers only (no letters or symbols)


Please enter numbers only (no letters or symbols)

Amount that you pay DIRECTLY

Amount that you pay DIRECTLY

If you have listed childcare costs above, please break them down here (i.e. number of hours/days per week; cost per hour/day - PLEASE NOTE - this is for EXISTING childcare costs that you are CURRENTLY paying for

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Please explain why this course interests you. Are there subjects within the course that you are interested in focusing on? Also, if appropriate, please indicate any particular reasons on your choice of university.

In this section, please give details about what job you would ultimately like to have. Please also sketch out what steps you think you will need to take to reach this career goal. It will also be important to highlight how your chosen university/course will assist you in this.

This section enables you to give details about experiences and achievements that highlight particular skills that will benefit you to make the most of your time at university. Examples are: volunteering at a local community project, position of responsibility in a sports team or after-school activity, school prize, Saturday job etc. Please make the experiences and achievements as specific as possible and explain how these have helped you develop particular skills/attitudes.

Please give details of how the additional funds would help you at university. You can give information about how it could be used towards such items as general living costs (e.g. rent, food), travel costs, IT equipment, specialist equipment/software, support with extra-curricular activities (e.g. sport, music) or opportunities during the holidays to gain experience that would benefit your course/career plans.

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This referee should be your current tutor.

Length of Payee Name should be 18 characters max. Letters/Numbers only - no special characters

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If there are problems with attachments, you can send the documents to Walcot Foundation, 127 Kennington Road, London SE11 6SF or email to  Please note that the maximum size of each file is 5MB and maximum of two attachments per email.

Please send any hard copies to:

The Grants Team
The Walcot Foundation
127 Kennington Road

SE11 6SF

Please ensure that you include a covering letter so that we can match your documents with this application.

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  • I certify that the information that I have given in this application is true and complete.  (Please note that a decision will be based on the information given on this form. If a grant is awarded and the information is subsequently found to be incorrect, any grant that had been awarded could be withdrawn and you could be asked to repay any monies already paid.)
  • I agree that information I have given may be discussed with representatives of my college/university, my referees and my current school.
  • To help the Foundation monitor and evaluate its work, I agree I may be contacted in the future.
  • I confirm I have contacted Student Finance and in the process of applying for any financial assistance for which I might be eligible.
  • I agree that any grant awarded will not be used toward purchases already made or debts.
  • I have read the application's guidelines in full.
  • I have no objection to the data contained in this application being held by the Walcot Foundation for the purpose of considering this grant application. For more information on how we handle your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.
  • If awarded a grant, I agree to provide a written report each year on the impact of the Townsend Scholarship grant.