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Nonprofit EduGuide is currently selecting partners to implement our schoolwide, online program of evidence-based activities which, control group research indicates, can significantly increase student achievement and persistence.

Supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, EduGuide provides an innovative, simple model in which every student is mentored on their personal growth plan. 82% of the teachers, administrators and other mentors using this program report student impacts in five or more areas, including increased attendance and work completion, better grades, and overall happiness. Students build a sense of purpose and community, and the internal motivation and social-emotional skills needed to succeed not just in school, but in careers and life.

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The standard cost of the program is $20 per student, or $950 for groups of 50 or fewer students. This includes weekly activities, staff training, IT coordination, monthly coaching sessions, and other resources and support. In-kind matching grant funding covering half the program's cost may be available for school- or network-wide implementations of more than 200 students.

We will send you a partnership plan with specific pricing for your group, and other details about the program and how it works.

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