2018 TPWD River Access Project Wrap Up Report

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It is important that all TPWD River Access Cleanup Poject participants submit the results of their efforts. The results help provide valuable information to sponsors, funders, local and state governments, and most importantly show the incredibly impact of these programs and the grassroots efforts of the volunteers.

A few notes to help you with this form:

  • Please use whole numbers, in numeric format, where applicable. Text will not be accepted in numeric fields; if you collected 2.5 tons, you will need to multiply by 2,000 and enter the actual pounds collected.
  • You will be required to respond to every question; if a question does not apply to you, please enter a "0."
  • You have the option to go back to this form to complete; please follow the prompts.
  • When complete, please review and hit "submit."

Please submit wrap-up reports within 2 weeks of your cleanup date. PLEASE COMPLETE ONLY ONE REPORT DOCUMENTING ALL CLEANUP EVENTS THAT YOU HELD. 

Thank you again for completing this form, and for your commitment to a clean, beautiful Texas!


You can upload up to five files using the fields below.



Total number of volunteer hours

Participants are those people who actively contribute to an event or ongoing program (in a way other than just attending) conducted by an Affiliate such as a recycling drive drop-off center

Total number of community service or court ordered workers who participated

Total number of government employees who participated

Total number of communities involved in cleanup activities. A community is considered people living in a particular city, neighborhood, district or parish having the common interest in and impacted by the program.

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Please note actual tires; for reference, 1 tires = 24 pounds

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For example, litter free events, booths at events, fairs, festivals, etc.