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Boot Campaign's mission is to unite Americans to honor and restore the lives of veterans and military families through individualized, life-improving programs.
Please read this form in its entirety.

A third party fundraiser is one that is hosted by an individual, business, or other entity with a goal to fundraise on behalf of Boot Campaign. These fundraisers are considered self-sufficient and will not be managed or sponsored by Boot Campaign but the fundraiser agrees to use guidelines set forth by the organization. 

  • Upon reviewing your completed form, we will provide a pre-determined set of assets to ensure the fundraiser has official and accurate messaging and marketing materials. 
  • Due to the demand and expense of sending Boot Campaign representatives to fundraisers, we are unable to commit an appearance by our staff, Board of Directors, or retail team. In order to meet the goals of our mission, we must keep production, travel and other expenses to a minimum.
  • Boot Campaign is not bound to promote, advertise or otherwise facilitate the success of your event. 
  • Once this form is submitted, a Boot Campaign representative will be in touch.
This section should include the fundraiser's main point of contact's information. 

* The information below in the event your fundraiser is approved for volunteers or a Veteran Ambassador speaker. *

Here is the place to tell us all about your proposed fundraiser!

We are thrilled with your decision to fundraise on behalf of Boot Campaign! As such, we want your fundraiser to be as successful as possible. Materials and promotion are important elements, so let's chat about it!

A few things.......
  • All marketing materials using our intellectual property (i.e. logo, messaging, etc.) must be submitted for approval PRIOR to any distribution or promoting.
  • Please forward your promotional materials to our staff at least two weeks in advance of intended distribution date. 
  • Due to the number of fundraisers held each year, we may or may not be able to assist with certain materials or planning.


Please make sure all checks are made payable to BOOT CAMPAIGN.

If submitting checks by mail, please address the check as follows:
2403 Farrington Street
Dallas, TX 75207
Attn: *Insert Name of Fundraiser Here*

*Please be sure to include the name of your fundraiser in the memo on the check as well. This is VERY important in order for your fundraiser to get the credit it so rightfully it deserves.

Applies ONLY to donations that require a tax acknowledgement letter. In order for your donation to qualify for an acknowledgement letter, the check MUST be made out to Boot Campaign, value of $250 or more, and received in our finance office.

Please provide a list of benefit values for event tickets and event sponsorships. Boot Campaign's Finance Team will need the know the value assigned to the ticket and/or sponsorship, including any entertainment, meals, etc. (i.e. Table Sponsor costs $1,000 and sponsor gets 8 seats, includes a meal and entertainment for each seat, costing host $750). 

Only after these values are collected can our Finance Team forward a tax acknowledgement letter.  If any checks made payable to Boot Campaign are received, we are required to know if the donor received anything for their contribution. 
In order to protect all we've worked to accomplish and support our passionate supporters, we request all fundraisers use only the intellectual property provided by Boot Campaign. We also request you obtain both verbal and written approval prior to any print or distribution of such items. Boot Campaign may request immediate discontinued use of any unauthorized materials. 

The Boot Campaign mission can only be accomplished with the help of great Americans like you. Thank you!
Form updated April 2020