Please note: The majority of issues can be resolved by logging into your account.  We also have a list of FAQs.  If you need to reach us directly please fill out a support ticket below or email
Common Solutions
Locating Your CPE Certificates

I can’t locate my CPE Certificate

If you haven’t received a notification of CPE credit by email, please check your junk mail. You can also login to your account: under MY ACCOUNT scroll down to the “Past Registered Webinars” section of the account page. Locate the webinar in question. Under the Resources column, you will find the link to your certificate.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to complete the EVALUATION before the certificate will be processed. The Evaluation is emailed to you following the webinar, or you can find it in Resources column (it will be in place of the link to your CPE Certificate).

Logging in
Your registration confirmation email and reminder notifications will contain the link for you to login to the webinar you have registered for. If the webinar has started and you are unable to login using the link, or you are unable to locate the link, please sign in to your account at and click on "MY ACCOUNT" You will find an option "LAUNCH WEBINAR" for each of your registered courses. 

Please note: Sometimes the link to login to the webinar is updated close to the start of the webinar due to high registration numbers.

Locating Archived Recordings
Archived recordings will be available within 48 hours of the webinar. You can find the full list of archived webinars from the top menu of If you'd like to locate the recording from a webinar you registered for, a direct link to the recording can be found by logging into MY ACCOUNT. 

Archived recordings are not available for credit, unless designated as a Self-Study class.

Cancel Your Registration
If you have registered for a webinar but are unable to attend, login to your account at and go to MY ACCOUNT. Select "Cancel Registration" for the class you are unable to attend.

Reset Your Password
If you are having trouble logging into your account, try a password reset. Click on "Forgot Password" on the top right of or click here:

Proctor Letter & Multiple Attendees
If multiple attendees would like to join the webinar and share a single connection, please register just one attendee prior to the webinar. Upon completion of the webinar, please fill out the Proctor Letter and indicate the names of the additional attendees.

We provide you with a link to the Proctor Letter following the webinar which you can use to issue an unlimited number of CPE certificates, following each webinar. The Proctor Letter is also available in MY ACCOUNT.

If your account shows that you either did not attend a webinar or you did not earn credit for a webinar, please consider the following:
  • Has it been at least 24 hours since the webinar ended
  • Were you logged in for the minimum required time
  • Did you answer the minimum number of polling questions
  • Did you login to the webinar using a different name or emails address than what's listed in your CPAacademy profile*
  • Did you attend in a group setting and need to complete a proctor letter
  • Was the webinar a non-credit course
  • Some courses are offered on multiple days - did you attend on a different date but registered for more than one date
*If you believe you may have logged into the webinar with a different name or email address than what's listed in your profile, please complete a support ticket and include the possible alternative names and email address (for example: Mike Smith vs. Michael Smith III or vs. 

When is CE reported to the IRS?

U.S. Enrolled Agents are eligible to earn CE credit for select courses on CPAacademy.


Please make sure to have your PTIN entered in your CPAacademy Profile. (MY ACCOUNT à Edit Profile)


Here is a list of upcoming classes that qualify for CE:


We report CE to the IRS periodically according to their guidelines (in other words, not after every class, but on a quarterly or monthly schedule). 

Please note that the IRS does not accept half (.5) credits. To meet IRS guidelines, we round down to the full hour (ex: If the course qualified for 1.5 credits, 1 credit will be offered, as advertised on the Course Page).  

Information Regarding Handouts and Presentation Slides

Can I have a copy of the webinar slide deck?

In most cases, YES! Certain webinars do not have a slide deck and some presenters choose not to share the deck. These are rare exceptions.

How do I get a copy of the slide deck?

A copy of the slide deck is made available to webinar registrants in advance. There will be a link to the deck in registration reminder emails, in your account, and during the live webinar itself.

What format do the slide decks come in?

The slide decks are distributed in .PDF format. CPAacademy does not provide any other format. 

Can I access the slide deck from a past webinar I registered for?

Yes, the link to download the slide deck will remain in your ACCOUNT.

Are additional materials/handouts beyond the slide deck available?

Additional materials are made available at the discretion of the presenter(s) for each webinar. Additional materials are found on the Course Page. In some instances, presenter offer even more additional materials through their own repositories. 

Will I need to download the slide deck or additional materials to participate in a webinar?

No, downloading the materials is optional.