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The SPEEDY option

If you're a person who likes speed, we have a treat for you...

Just click the tick box below and enter your name and mobile number. That's it !

We'll set about building your CARDSITE using all the publicly available things we can find out about you from normal internet searches and social media connections.

Note that we can and will only use the social media links, web sites, email address and head shot or business logo images that are already on the internet. Nothing more, nothing less.


Please help with as much information as you can to allow your CARDSITE to be set up.

You do not need anything extra, just your phone or computer, access to the internet and, at the end, your chosen method of payment.

We'll be asking you about...

- How you found us

- Your name and contact information

- Your birthday

- Your business logo and/or your personal branding (headshot)

- The name you would like to call your CARDSITE link

- Your social media connections and other button links

- The type of CARDSITE subscription you want

- The type of phone you use




We only build your CARDSITE when we have received payment. At the end of this set up form you'll be given some clickable payment links and options.


We're big on rewarding effort.


If you can remember the name of the person who referred you to CARDSITE we'd love to know their name.

Please, if you remember, invite them to register this as a formal referral here.



Please tell us about you...


Yay ! Birthdays !


At CARDSITE we think they're very special.


Of course we can only do something about yours, if you tell us when it is.


(It's all totally optional - Your secret is safe with us)



We'll display your photo and/or your business logo as specified here...

(personal photo example, business logo example)


Your CARDSITE address is always in the same format.


...and you don't have to remember it because we'll help you save your CARDSITE to your phone, later.


An example of that address is...


Please specify the preferred address names for your CARDSITE.


It can contain the characters... 

" - , _ , a-z , A-Z , 0-9" 


Choice 1
Choice 2


These are the buttons your CARDSITE visitors see as soon as they open your CARDSITE.


For this step please visit your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and any other accounts. Copy and paste the full URL/link that allows us to find your page on those social media accounts.

e.g. the Facebook link for CARDSITE is

(go know you want to like it !)


Your name, by itself, is not enough to allow us to find you.


Four or five buttons will look nice...six at a squeeze.


If you require more we'll gladly create systems to help include any special ones. It's best to let your visitor 'jump off' to other internet pages and resources rather than try to tell them all about you on your CARDSITE.


We see lots of business cards that try to "tell and sell" rather than act as a front door, enticing the visitor with selective options and buttons.


Tap to select and then add details below for the buttons you require...


Your phone number

Your email address

Your full FACEBOOK page address

Your full TWITTER page address

Your full LinkedIn page address

Your SKYPE username

Your Instagram address



You can learn more about Clare's special offer here




Please tell us the phone brand and model you use... 

Please process a payment

You have nearly completed this work order.

Please use one of these links to make your purchase.

Via Paypal

For any first payment use this link format...

...where XXX is the base dollar amount. (that's $99, $399, $999 or your negotiated special rate)

By banking transfer

Our bank account is...


BSB 484 799

ACCOUNT 053632288

(SMS these details to me so I can make a transfer)

Please call with any questions. If we have offered a special rate use the PAYPAL link above and change the XXX dollar value accordingly.


You do not need a Paypal account to use this facility. You can pay by bank transfer, Paypal or Debit/Credit Card. We use the Paypal payment service that securely hides your personal and card/account details from us.


If you have any questions at all please click here to call and we'll help you.

Please click to process this CARDSITE order and make your payment accordingly.

Finish and send - FINAL STEP

We'll start preparing your CARDSITE today. Stand by, it can take 3-5 business days.


When it's ready we'll send you an email containing a link, with a request to activate, and your unique address, like this one...


When you receive that ACTIVATION email, please follow the instructions.


Within the hour following activation, your CARDSITE will become active. 

We conduct a free one on one "FAST START" session, held over a phone call or SKYPE to help you learn how to log referrals, activate, save and share your CARDSITE.


Information to allow you to book in to that session will be contained in the email we send.


Thanks for joining the CARDSITE user community ! Welcome !


Adam Taylor