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Patriot League Registration
We're honored you want to get involved with Boot Campaign's Patriot League program! Yea! We're excited to have you and want to make your experience as easy, rewarding, and fun as possible. Please take a moment to tell us a little about yourself and the youth you are leading, so we can keep you updated on all the opportunities associated with the program. 

You can access many fantastic resources on our Patriot League page now. But, once you complete this registration form, you will receive instructions and access to all things Patriot League! Resources will include the following (and much more): 
  • Welcome Letter
  • Admin Letter
  • Special code to access customizable Lesson Plans, downloadable and printable materials, and other supplementary activity instructions
  • Step-by-step guide to the optional fundraising element of Patriot League
  • Updates about the program and fun "challenges" throughout the year
There are many ways to give back to our military heroes and their families. By participating in  
Patriot League YOU are leading our nation's youth to promote patriotism, raise awareness, and provide assistance to those who serve and sacrifice! 
Thank you! 
About YOU

School/Youth Group Information
Please provide more details about your classroom and school, or another type of youth group you are leading. 

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Do you have to receive permission to participate? If so, please provide their first and last name, as well as their professional title. 

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Thank you for being one of our nation's greatest leaders by sparking the patriot in 
today's youth, our future, and helping Boot Campaign fulfill the mission to: 
Promote Patriotism, Raise Awareness, and Provide Assistance!