Volunteer Assistant Crew Leader (ACL) Application

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Our leaders help shape the experience of participants on our work parties and are representatives for WTA on trail and off. WTA is shaped by these leaders and we depend on them to set a standard of excellence in our trail program. Please fill out the following  so that we may understand your leadership style and experiences.

Trail maintenance requires a variety of skills that need to be performed with little to no supervision. As a leader you will be in charge of a small group of individuals with diverse experience. There are multiple opportunities to grow these skills each year and learn with others through hands-on experience and WTA classes. Please rate your knowledge in the following aspects of trail maintenance:
No experience Some familiarity Moderate experience Advanced familiarity Could teach a class on it
We ask that our ACLs respond to at least three work parties a year that need assistance. We also require initial attendance at an orientation and at Crew Leader College. Please indicate your interest in participating in the following and what time periods you can participate:

Thank you for your time! Once submitted, applications will be reviewed semi-annually. If selected, you will receive an email about attending the initial orientation in your region.