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Volunteering is rewarding and helps build healthy, sustainable communities, thereby empowering individuals. We have many volunteer opportunities:
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Create Now needs the following types of volunteers:


Mentors and Teaching Artists who work directly with youth.

(Arts or Life Skills Mentors)


Volunteers to help Create Now with organizational priorities:

(fundraising, marketing, finance, programs, supplies, Board of Directors, etc)


You are free to select multiple opportunities if you feel you can contribute in these areas. Simply select "YES" or "NO" below to be a mentor and/or volunteer and go to the next page.    

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Group Volunteer Information
Create Now is able to customize a unique program that will enable your group to make an impact on the neediest youth in our community. Our staff organizes volunteer events that will include particular arts activities, which your members will enjoy doing with the kids, such as arts and crafts, dance, playing percussion instruments and other forms of creative expression. We might hire professional teaching artists to lead the workshops. Create Now provides all of the arts supplies and equipment. 

Depending on the scope of your program, we might include a special orientation, breakfast and lunch, plus gift bags with lasting souvenirs for each child who participates. These can include marketing materials from your group or company. If your project involves a lot of our staff’s time and resources, then we ask volunteer groups to make a donation to cover our expenses. This would be tax-deductible. Create Now will promote your contribution in our newsletter, website and social media. 

More importantly, your team will be able to impact the lives of the “forgotten children” in our community, those who have fallen through the cracks of the system. You will learn about the backgrounds of these youth, along with their cultures and stories. Mentoring relationships could develop, which Create Now can facilitate. 

Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch with you to discuss the possibilities:

Please contact Ruby Medina at (213) 747-2777 x 3 or email her: ruby@createnow.org for additional information on group volunteer opportunities.
Are you interested in being a mentor who works directly with kids?     
We do our best to match you from our database of 100+ youth agencies throughout Southern California with a group home, shelter, school or other youth facility that is as close as possible to your home or place of work, and that has the type of children and youth that you'd like to mentor in regards to age, gender, challenges, etc. Create Now helps you to come up with a program for a small group workshop and simple curriculum if needed. We try to coordinate a schedule that accommodates yours. Our staff gives you training on how to work with the youth, as well as materials and equipment that you may require for your arts mentoring program. We sometimes arrange special cultural outings for you with your mentees, and culminate your program with a party and gift bags for the kids.
Are you interested in being a volunteer or intern to help Create Now in other ways?
If you would like to support us in such areas as fundraising/development, data processing, program development, office operations, finance, marketing, and similar ways of growing our organizational capacity, please select yes. These volunteers work with Create Now staff, board and committee members and generally not with kids. 
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Include any other skills you want to share with us not mention above. Please enter one skill per text box.
Include any other skills you want to share with us not mention above. Please enter one skill per text box.
Include any other skills you want to share with us not mention above. Please enter one skill per text box.
Include any other skills you want to share with us not mention above. Please enter one skill per text box.


My ideal mentoring experience would be with children and youth:

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NOTE: If you have a police record of any kind, it is necessary to indicate this and discuss the circumstances with Create Now prior to authorization to work with children. Mentors and volunteers will undergo a criminal background investigation.


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