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Welcome, applicant! Selection for participation in IDEABOOST Network Connect begins with the application for below.

  • Product must be past ideation stage (e.g. working prototype, beta version)
  • Co-productions and joint ventures between Canadian and non-Canadian companies are also eligible, provided that the Canadian team member is the one who submits the application to IDEABOOST
  • At the end of the form, you will be asked to attach your Articles of Incorporation or Letters Patent and will be encouraged to attach an up-to-date deck (e.g. investor/pitch) - acceptable file types include: PDF, Powerpoint & Keynote - please limit files to 15MB
  • You may save your application before submitting. In-progress information is stored up to 10 days only. Incomplete applications will not be considered

NOTE - starting in 2020, we are moving towards more thematic programming streams which will focus on leading technologies in media & entertainment, with an emphasis on immersive media forms of AR/VR/XR and virtual beings with AI integration. As a vertical accelerator, we are concentrating even more on areas of core expertise, to best serve startups in our ecosystem.

Questions? Please write us at medialab@cfccreate.com.

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Accessibility Policy

The CFC is committed to providing accessible practices that are in compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). If you require accommodation during the application process or any stage of participation in the Program or have any questions regarding appropriate accommodation, please access our Accessibility Policy here or contact Deborah Fallows, CHRO, at dfallows@cfccreates.com. This ensures that the appropriate accommodation are in place before you begin your Program.

Privacy Policy

CFC will collect your personal information; to allow us to contact you, for statutory and identification purposes, and as part of our selection process only. Your personal information will be kept in a secure location and access to this information is restricted to persons who require it to fulfill the above functions.  If you require further information please access our Privacy Policy here



With which gender does each founder identify?
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Marketing/Social & Vanity

Working with IDEABOOST

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Acceptable file types include: PDF, Powerpoint & Keynote - please limit files to 15MB

Most file types accepted
Zero-Tolerance Policy
CFC has a zero-tolerance policy with respect to discrimination and harassment in the workplace. All applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the CFC's Respect in the Workplace policy available here and to direct any questions with respect to this policy to Deborah Fallows, CHRO, at dfallows@cfccreates.com. All residents accepted into the Program will be required to acknowledge and agree to this policy.
Canada's new anti-spam legislation (CASL) requires that we obtain your consent in order for you to receive select electronic communications from the CFC.  We would love to share information with you about CFC's exciting activities, events, programs, promotions and alumni. Please confirm your consent to receive CFC electronic communications. You may withdraw your consent at any time.  For more information please visit our privacy policy, all questions may be directed to the CFC at consent@cfccreates.com.