PBHA Term-Time Volunteer Common Application

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PBHA Term-Time Volunteer Common Application


About: This form notifies directors of your interest and will be the official record if you enroll in a PBHA program(s) this term. Complete it once for all programs in which you are interested. Program directors will be in touch with applicants directly with efforts to accept all interested volunteers. 

Priority Deadline: February 1st, 2017 (unless otherwise listed next to the program)

Click on each program name to pop out their website for more details.

Select either "Apply" or "Re-Enroll" below. Thank you for your interest!

Alt. Breaks  
Special deadline of January 28th, 2017 for the trips below
Deadline to apply for Chinatown Citizenship is Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2017 at 11:59PM EST.
Once you have all the programs selected - proceed to the next page

(e.g. Colombian, Polish, Vietnamese...)
(e.g. she/her/hers, they/them/theirs, he/him/his...)
College/University information

Program-Specific Application(s)

Additional Info is Required for some programs:
Please note that some programs do not have additional program specific questions, so will not show any fields below. 

These programs include: 
SLAM, EAC, CODA, HULC, SCAS, HELP, BRYE Extensionl, HYLI, SBAS, CHANCE, Chinatown Teen Mentoring, PHE, RITE, Chinatown Big Sib,  DWS, KSNAP,  Habitat for Humanity, Best Buddies, Elderly 1-2-1, Partners Empowering Neighborhoods ESL, and ALL ASB programs. 

Athena Program Specific Question(s): 
Alternative Spring Break Program Specific Question(s): 

Alzheimer's Buddies Specific Question(s): 
Background Questions (Can be answered in one sentence, but feel free to elaborate on any of your answers.):

Application Questions:
HCAB Situational Question:
A fellow HCAB volunteer, Ariel, comes to you after a visit and tells you about an altercation that she had with her buddy Mrs. Johnson. Ariel describes that in the midst of their conversation, Mrs. Johnson accused her of stealing her cat, Serena. Ariel knew from Mrs. Johnson's biography that Serena had been dead for over 20 years. After Ariel denied taking Serena and explained that the cat was deceased, Mrs. Johnson began to sob and lash out uncontrollably. Ariel had to fetch a nurse to help calm her down. 
3. HCAB requires a resume, please attach it below.
BRYE 1-2-1 Specific Question(s): 
BRYE AfterSchool Specific Question(s): 
What days of the week would you be available to volunteer? 

BRYE Teen Specific Questions(s)
Cambridge Afterschool Program (CASP) Program Specific Question(s): 
After School Days of the Week 
What days of the week would you be available to volunteer? 

Chinatown Citizenship Program Specific Question(s): 
Chinatown ESL Program Specific Question(s): 

Days of the week 
What days of the week would you be available to volunteer? 

Chinatown Afterschool Program Specific Question(s):

ChASP Days of the Week
Please choose your preferences for what afternoons you can volunteer:

CIVICS Specific Application:
ATTENTION: Applicants to CIVICS must complete both this form and the IOP application at bit.ly/joinIOP. Please go to this link after pressing submit on the next page. 
ExperiMentors Specific Question(s): 
Please select all timeframes during which you would be able to participate in ExperiMentors. 
Experimentors Days of the Week: 
What days of the week would you be available to volunteer? 

FASE Specific Question(s): 
FASE AfterSchool Days of the Week:
Can you regularly volunteer at least once a week throughout the semester (3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, travel time included)? 

Harmony After School Specific Question(s):  
Harmony Mentoring Specific Question(s): 
HARTZ Specific Question(s): 
Which day of the week are you most available to work with seniors? CRANC is a short 5 minute walk from Harvard campus. HARTZ will most likely be meeting two times a week for one hour each. (Ex. Monday evening and Saturday morning).
Days of the Week 
What days of the week would you be available to volunteer? 

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter (HSHS) Program Specific Question(s):
NOTE: Thursday, Friday, and Sunday dinner shifts are not available. 

Spring shifts will begin with dinner on Wed, Feb 15th and ends with a breakfast on Sat. Apr 15. You are responsible for filling out your shift every week during this time -- you must be present or find a substitute to take your place (anyone can sub for you, even if they have never worked at the shelter.) The shelter's vitality and efficiency rely on your unwavering dedication! You will not be responsible for your shift during Spring break (Dinner 3/10 - Breakfast 3/2-)...If you are a new volunteer, we ask that you attend at least one of our training sessions so you can get to know our safety policies and rules. Training days and times will be emailed out to volunteers closer to Feb 15th...The contact email for those interested in group volunteering is hshs.volunteer@gmail.com. 

There are 4 shifts:

Dinner: 6:45 PM - 9:15 PM
Evening: 9:00 PM - 11:15 PM
Overnight: 11 PM - 8:30 AM
Breakfast: 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM

*But if it is SATURDAY morning, then it is* 
[Friday] Overnight: 11 PM - 9:30 AM 
[Saturday] Breakfast: 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

If you are a new volunteer, we ask that you attend one of our training sessions so you can get to know our safety policies and rules. Training days and times will be emailed out to volunteers closer to Feb 15. 

Email us at hshs.volunteer@gmail.com with any questions.

The shelter is located at 66 Winthrop St., in the basement of the University Lutheran Church between the MAC and Pinocchio's Pizza. Click here for the map. 
Please provide top 5 preference for days. (Please note that Thursday, Friday and Sunday Dinners are covered by outside groups and not available for individual shifts).

Interested in applying with a whole GROUP of people? Contact us! hshs@pbha.org
HOPE Specific Question(s):
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for showing interest in Harvard Organization for Prison Education and Reform. There are three branches of HOPE--education, advocacy and policy--along with an executive board. HOPE is looking for volunteers in our education and advocacy branches, and we have two positions open on the executive board. HOPE has two programs, advocacy and tutoring. If you are interested in both, be sure to go back to the first page and apply to the other program as well.

HOPE offers prison tutoring programs in 6 correctional facilities:

(Adult Facilities)
Suffolk Jail: Also known as South Bay House of Corrections, Suffolk Jail is medium security jail located in Boston, MA. Tutors work with women and men once a week on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
Times: Monday & Tuesday 3:00PM-6:45PM and 6:30PM-9:45PM.

Boston Community Corrections Center: A half-way house that primarily serves men on probation and parole. Tutors help lead GED classrooms.
Times: Mon-Thursday 10AM-12PM.

MCI Framingham: A medium-security women’s prison in Massachusetts, MCI Framingham houses women at various classification levels, including state and county sentenced, as well as those awaiting trial. Tutors will work together to create a curriculum and teach unique lessons about a variety of topics. Each week will have a different theme, and we will rotate tutors. Tutors for this site will likely only tutor 1-3 times a semester.
Times: Fridays 8AM-12PM.

South Middlesex Correctional Facility: A pre-release house for women in Framingham, SMCC is minimum security.
Times: Fridays 8AM-12PM.

(Youth Facilities)
Sargent House: A transitional living facility for young men between 18-21 years of age. Activities are mainly group mentoring projects that are life skills oriented (i.e. cooking, public transportation systems exercises, games involving math, etc.).
Times: Monday & Wednesday 5:30PM -7:30PM

Judge Connelly Center: A secure youth detention center located in Boston. We participate in GED prep and academic skill development, but also have group discussions and mentorship activities.
Times: Monday & Thursday 5:30PM -8PM; Friday 4:00PM -6:15PM

A committee of individuals who steer HOPE's campaigns and advocacy efforts. Each October the committee coordinates an event called 7x9, a protest against solitary confinement, in which we tape the dimensions of a solitary confinement cell (7x9) on the science center plaza. We then recruit 23 volunteers to sit in the box for one-hour long shifts to signify the 23 hours incarcerated individuals typically spend in solitary confinement each day. We are also involved in a campaign called Abolish the Box, in which we ask universities, including Harvard, to remove the box on the application asking prospective students about their penal histories, a discriminatory practice. Committee members are encouraged to work on campaigns about which they are passionate, and the committee is open to any and all ideas. The committee is also in charge of planning speaking events with formerly incarcerated individuals and to ensure that those voices are highlighted in all the work that we do.


In what follows, please elaborate on your background, skills, interests and relevant experiences, so that we can get a better understanding of who you are. Based on this application, we will decide whether to call you for an interview to discuss your application for tutoring or advocacy in person. Accepted tutors will be required to complete a background check with their individual facilities to receive clearance and begin tutoring. All HOPE members will partake in a training workshop.

A successful tutor is, among other things, comfortable tutoring in a variety of subjects, sensitive to the challenges of tutoring in different environments, and a team-player. A successful advocacy member is passionate about prison reform, eager to continue learning about intersectionality, comfortable working with diverse groups of people and interested in making change on campus and beyond. We look forward to getting to know you better and reading your applications. 

We welcome you to apply even if you have no prior experience or knowledge of prison reform. HOPE is a welcoming, inclusive community and we invite you to join us in learning about these issues and advocating for change. Feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or concerns. We look forward to meeting you!

Sarah Blatt-Herold, Executive Director: sblattherold@college.harvard.edu
Asia Stewart, Education Director: asiastewart@college.harvard.edu
Evan Mackay, Advocacy Director: emackay@college.harvard.edu

Suffolk: Gal Wachtel & Ben Lust

BCC: Clara McNulty-Finn 

Connelly: Stephanie Wu

Sargent House: Michelle Kim

MCI Framingham: Julia Wiener 

Past campaigns have been about juvenile justice in the prison system, protesting solitary confinement, advocating for greater access to education for formerly incarcerated individuals.
Keylatch Afterschool (KASP) Specific Question(s)

Keylatch After School Days of the Week: 
Are you willing to commit to a 2:30pm-6:30pm block one day per week Monday-Thursday for at least this full term
What days of the week would you be available to volunteer? 

Keylatch Mentoring Program Specific Question(s):
LEADERS Specific Question(s): 
Mission Hill Afterschool Program - Wellesley Counselor Application: 

Mission Hill Afterschool Program - Wellesley Returning Counselor Form

Mission Hill Afterschool Program - All Colleges - New Counselor Application

Mission Hill Afterschool Program - All Colleges - Returning Counselor Form

Mission Mentor Specific Question(s):

Pets as Therapy Specific Question(s): 

Pets as Therapy Specific Question(s): 
Are you available Friday from 2 to 4 PM, Sunday from 2 to 4 PM, or both? (Please note: you will only be asked to visit the nursing home once a week; the commitment runs until the beginning of reading period and you are only allowed to miss one week.)  

RITE - Recent Immigrant Term - Time Enrichment Specific Question(s): 
STAGE Specific Question(s): 
STRIVE Specific Question(s): 

Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG) Specific Question(s): 
Are you free for at least one of these mentoring times each week? Please let us know when you are available so that we can match you to our sites! These times include estimated transportation times. Please choose at least 5 available times, listing any additional in the box below. 
South Boston After-School Specific Question(s):
South Boston Big Sib Specific Question(s):
Youth Recreation - HOOPS Specific Question(s): 

Y2Y - Harvard Square Specific Question(s): 
We expect to receive many applications this semester and will do our very best to accommodate everyone - however, be aware that there is a chance we may not be able to place you if your shift choices are particularly popular. This happens because we can only handle a limited number of volunteers at a time, and some shifts will inevitably receive more interest than others. 

We ask that you complete your shift preferences with a good understanding of your academic and extracurricular commitments. While we can and do update the schedule to reflect the needs of our volunteers, this process is not easy to do with over 150 weekly volunteers. Please fill out this section once you have a good idea of your timetable. 

Description of shifts:
Breakfast: 6:30 am - 9:00 am
Dinner: 6:45 pm - 9:15 pm 
Evening: 9:00 pm - 11:15 pm 
Overnight: 11:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Breakfast - Come in bright and early to greet our guests! You'll be making breakfast and helping to clean the shelter (an invaluable service!) after all the guests leave at 8:00 am. 

Dinner - You'll be cooking and serving dinner, talking with guests, and perhaps making a food pick-up run from one of the many shops that donate to us. 

Evening - On the evening shift, help is often needed in the kitchen to clean up after dinner. This is also a relaxed time to visit with guests as they prepare for bed. 

Overnight - You'll hang out with other volunteer and night-owl guests, basically having more good conversations, watching movies, doing laundry, reading, baking cookies, and more! This is a fantastics shifts because it's a rare opportunity to have long conversations and get to know people well. Don't worry: we do take turns sleeping - the night is typically divided into three sub-shifts and you will be asleep for two of them (there is a staff room with bed, so you'll be able to sleep 5-6 hours when it is not your turn to be awake). 

Please select up to 5 preferences for shifts. Please note that Sunday dinner is covered by an outside group and not available for individual shifts.

Thank you for your interest! Please read and select submit below. 

Upon receiving this form, directors will contact you about next steps to enroll in a program.

You will receive an initial confirmation and welcome to the PBHA community as a whole.

Applying as a volunteer will automatically add you to the PBHA Announce mailing list, which will send you two e-newsletters a month. These messages include important info about upcoming events, opportunities, and general tips that will help you navigate PBHA. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

For most programs, you must complete a background check (CORI) form, available at the front desk of Phillips Brooks House during business hours. 

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