We specialize in matching cats and kittens with adoptive parents based on applications and in-depth interviews to identify the kitty characteristics that will best suit the prospective owner's desires and lifestyle.

To be considered as an adopter, you must:
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Have identification showing your present address
  • Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord
  • Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment and proper care of the cat
Applicant Information

Enter only one person's name in the household.

Please enter n/a if you do not have a home phone number

Enter n/a if you do not have a mobile phone

Enter n/a if you do not have a work phone

Family/Household Information

Home Information

Please enter landlord's name, phone number and email

Looking For

Please enter name(s) if interested in a specific cat.

Select all the apply: Kitten < 1 year, Young 1 - 3 years, Adult 4 - 9 years, Senior > 10 years

Please indicate personality desired but if you are also particular in other traits, such as male/female, long hair/short hair or breed/coloring make sure to indicate here.

Cats adopted by FFGW may not be declawed, however sometimes we do intake declawed cats.

Current and/or Previous Pets

Please include name, type, age, how long you've had

Please indicate why not for vaccines and/or spay/neuter

Please include vet/clinic name and phone number

Additional Information

Please provide the name and phone number of 2 references that are not family members.

FFGW maintains contact information including email and street addresses of applications in order to communicate about cats for adoption, and to provide email communication on FFGW events and efforts.  FFGW does not sell or disclose this information to 3rd parties.   

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