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About the Fund

The Tees Valley Small Grants Fund is for voluntary and community groups based within Tees Valley. You can only apply for a maximum of £1000 in any twelve month period from one of our small grant funds or a combination of funds.

*if a parish or town council this must be led by the community and not members of the council.
** If you are a school you may only apply if your project takes place outside of normal school hours and does not form part of the National Curriculum.

  • You must be one of the following types of group/organisations to apply for grant funding:
    • Voluntary or community origination
    • Registered Charity or Company Limited by Guarantee
    • Parish or Town Council*
    • School**
    • CIC or CIO with 3 or more directors
  • Your group must have its own bank account, which requires two unrelated people to authorise cheques and make withdrawals (including debit card or internet purchases and cash withdrawals). This must be in the name of the organisation making the application.
  • You must have at least three members on your governing body or board
  • You must be operating and benefiting one or more the communities of Stockton-on Tees, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Hartlepool.
  • Your application must be for £1,000 or under.

If you are unsure about any of the above or have any other queries then please contact any member of the Giving Team on 01642 260860 or email

Organisation Name and Address Details

Provide the name of your organisation as it appears on any governing documents.

This should be the address of the organisation. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

The telephone number and email address should be one at which the organisation is easily contacted, especially during office hours. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

Main Contact Person
These are the details that will be used for correspondence purposes.

The contact person should be someone who has a good knowledge of the application as this is the person we will contact if we have any queries.

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About Your Organisation

What type of organisation are you?  (Please select as many as appropriate).

You do not need to be a registered charity or company limited by guarantee to apply, but we do need to know more about the “status” of your organisation. If you are a sub-group, committee of a larger group or a local branch of a national charity, we can only fund you if you can demonstrate that you operate independently. This usually means you have separate rules & regulations, an independent committee, a separate bank account and are responsible for generating your own income.

Staffing and Volunteers
How many of each of the following are involved in the organisation?

Financial Information

Unrestricted reserves are funds held for the general purposes of the organisation. Restricted reserves are provided by a funder or donor for a particular purpose or project.
Banking Details
Grants awarded are paid via BACS. Please enter your full bank details below.  If you do not have a bank account of your own, you will need to find an organisation to accept a BACS payment on your behalf.

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About Your Project

Does your project have an overall project name, if so please enter it here.

Please provide the postcode where most of your beneficiaries reside, if there are multiple places please just pick one. If it is too difficult to distinguish please provide the postcode of your organisation.

Please describe your project /activity. Please also tell us about what you need the money for. If you are planning to buy equipment, tell us what you want to buy and what benefit it will have i.e. what you will use it for. If you are applying for on-going activities or new work, what will you be doing? i.e. describe the activities and services.

Please explain what will change for whom? This is your opportunity to explain your expected outcomes. An outcome describes the benefits or changes that will happen as a result of your work i.e. the impact your work is having.

Please tell us about your group's aims to address need and disadvantage in your area.

Please explain how you plan to sustain your groups activities after funding ends i.e fundraising etc
Project Budget

The maximum amount you can apply for is £1,000.

Please enter a breakdown of costs. If not applicable please enter N/A.

If you are asking us to fund some of your running costs, for instance, what is the total you need for running costs each year? If you are asking us to contribute towards an event, project or activity, what are the total costs?

If you are not asking us to fund the full costs, how much have you raised already?

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Outcomes and Impact

We realise that you cannot give exact figures but please estimate as accurately as possible. This information is important and will be used to evaluate the project at the end of the grant period.


We are interested to know which beneficiary groups will benefit from this grant


Please select one ethnic group that best reflects the majority of the users of this facility or service.


We are interested in the issues that will be addressed by this grant.

Age Groups

We are interested in knowing which Age groups would benefit from this grant.

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Referee Details
A person whom is not a member of the group but knows of the organisation and what you do.

Supporting Documents
Please make sure you attach all supporting documentation below, if you are unable to fulfill this request please post the documents within 5 working days of your electronic application. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered and will be withdrawn.

Supporting documents you will need to attach are listed below:
  •  Evidence of your bank details i.e bank statement, cheque, paying in slip etc
  •  Copy of your organisations set of rules/ terms or reference/ constitution
  •  Child protection policy (if applicable)
  •  Vulnerable adults policy (if applicable)
  • Equal opportunities policy (best practice but not essential)

Documents sent by post should be addressed to: Tees Valley Community Foundation, Wallace House, Falcon Court, Preston Farm, Stockton on Tees, TS18 3TX
Terms and Conditions
  1. We are authorised to submit this application on behalf of the group and certify that the information enclosed is correct. 
  2. If a grant is awarded, we are authorised to accept the Terms and Conditions which can be found on our
  3. I confirm that I have read the terms and conditions and agree to manage any grant in accordance with them.