Dubai English Speaking School  

         Transport Services - Application Form


If you would like to use the DESS School Bus Service, please provide the requested information below and the Bus Co-ordinator will respond to your request.  

Transportation will be provided by United Car Rentals.

Please note that a full terms notice is required when cancelling the use of the bus service.

If you are applying for the DESS Bus Service for more than one child - please complete the form for each child.

Student Details:

Parents Details:

Please provide the name and contact details for your maid/nanny below or alternatively please provide an alternative contact who we can speak to if we are unable to reach you.
Other Contact:

Home Address (Local):

Directions from the nearest landmark to your home.

Please advise whether your child is taking part/plans to take part in any extra-curricular activities.

Start Date of Bus Service:

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