Marine Animals

Thank you for reporting sightings of Hawaii's protected marine animals. The information you provide on seals, turtles, dolphins and whales will help in the research, conservation and recovery of Hawaii's unique and protected marine species.  Mahalo for your assistance.
Attention Sign
These are protected species.  Please keep your distance. Intentional disturbance of these protected animals is a violation of Federal and State laws. Please do not touch or cause an interaction with these animals. Keep pets on leash near marine animals to prevent contact and disease transmission between animals.
  • Seals - please stay 50 feet away
  • Turtles - please stay 10 feet away
  • Dolphins - please stay 150 feet (50 yards) away
  • Whales - please stay 300 feet (100 yards) away
We are now requesting all sightings to be reported via telephone as soon as possible so that we can take appropriate action quickly.

PLEASE CALL NOAA / HMAR AT:  (888) 256-9840 

Mahalo for your help!