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Clore Social Application Form - Women&Girls Senior Leader Programme - 2018 (part A)

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Senior Leader Programme applications must be supported by a nomination from your line manager or employer. This will normally be a member of the Senior Management Team or the Chief Executive, or if you are the Chief Executive this should be the Chair of your Board. We believe that the programme works best when your employer understands the commitment you are undertaking and supports you through your leadership development.

Please enter the name and contact details of your nominator below. On submission of this information your nominator will receive an email from Clore Social Leadership asking them to complete a nomination form.  

In exceptional circumstances we can accept applications from social leaders who are not employed by organisations. In this case the nomination must be from a senior sector leader. 

If your nominator is your employer, they will be asked to complete a small number of impact surveys during and after the programme to help us demonstrate the impact of leadership development.