Exceptional Warriors After Event Form

After Event Information
This is a followup to a planned event where all the event information has been entered in a Pre-Event Form. If this event is not a preplanned - with no pre-event info, then complete the last section!

Provide a write-up of how the event went for use in social media.

Provide (or makeup) a quote from an attendee. (email them if needed)

Provide a quote from the sponsor. Ask them how it went?

Coordinator Comments
Please add any comment to help us improve any part of this or any events. What can we all do better and improve? What worked and what did not? What did you hear from sponsors and participants. What made it harder and what made it easier? The more you share the better we can get at this!

Provide your comments on how we can improve this event or the organization of all events.
New Event Information
If you are entering information about a presentation, or anything other than a preplanned event (with an accompanying Pre-Event Form) the following information needs to be completed!

Awareness of issues military warriors face, PTS awareness etc