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Mobile Loaves & Fishes Serving Goodness

Community Corps Volunteer Training Program: Online Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Community Corps Volunteer Training Program through Mobile Loaves & Fishes. To complete this application, you must
  • Complete the application questions that follow
  • Upload a resume describing your work experience, volunteer/missions experience, interests, and hobbies.
  • Agree to the application terms
At any point in this application, you may save your progress and resume your work later. If you have any questions at any point during your application process, please email communitycorps@mlf.org and we will be happy to assist you!
Basic Information
Please provide your full legal name. 

For example, fundraising, church sponsorship, paying out-of-pocket.

Program Requirements

Short-Answer Questions
Please answer each of the following questions in 200 words or less.


Personal Development and Spiritual Formation

Mobile Loaves & Fishes/ Community First! Mission

Essay Questions
Please answer each of the following questions in short essays of no more than 600 words.

Serve Duty
Each Community Corps participant will be assigned a "serve duty" in one of the Community First! Programs. Please provide your top 3 preferences for your serve-duty assignment. Please choose a different program for each of your choices. If you would like to learn more about any of the programs, please visit mlf.org or contact the Community Corps Director at communitycorps@mlf.org. We cannot guarantee that you will receive placement in one of your top three choices. 


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