HETRA Life Skills Participant Paperwork


Dear Parents, Participants or Caregivers,

Thank you for choosing HETRA.  We look forward to working with you this year!  Please read through all the information in this letter thoroughly.  It contains very important information regarding registration of your participant and participation in the HETRA program.

In order to keep the program affordable to all of the participants, HETRA continually hosts fundraising events and activities and looks for grants and foundations to help support our program.   HETRA continues to be committed to provide services to our participant regardless of their financial situation or ability to pay.  With this commitment though, we need help from all of our HETRA families to assist with our fundraising efforts throughout the year.

We are very proud of our dedicated and motivated parents and all that you do for the HETRA organization.  You are a very important part of our Team!!!!  We are looking forward to embarking on an adventure with you this year. 

Thank You!

Participant Handbook

1.  Getting Started


First please complete all paperwork included in this package.  Once you have completed your paperwork the HETRA staff will contact you, to schedule your evaluation.  

2.  Participant Dismissal & Discharge Policy

It is at the discretion of HETRA to accept or remove a participant from the program. The results of a risk/benefit analysis will also be considered. Participants who do not adhere to the rules and procedures or meet the guidelines for eligibility are subject to dismissal or discharge. Possible grounds for dismissal may include, but are not limited to: conduct endangering another participant or staff or the horse, conduct endangering themselves, consistent failure to follow safety procedures with respect to the horses, a gain in weight above the HETRA maximum levels, failure to cancel in advance for more than three lessons or incomplete paperwork. Paperwork that is required is: Registration / Health History/Photo Release, Authorization for Emergency/ Medical Treatment, Consent for Release of Information, Participant’s (Signed) Medical History and Physicians Statement, Policies, Procedures and Barn Rules Agreement.  The development of a contraindicated condition or the deterioration of a condition to the point horseback riding is no longer beneficial or could be harmful to the participant or where safety for the participant or others has become a concern.


Participants at HETRA shall have no history of inappropriate behavior with fire or any tendencies or history of abuse or violence directed toward other people or animals. HETRA reserves the right to deny services to any individual based upon concerns for the applicant’s safety and/or the safety of the horses, volunteers, staff, property owners, or for other reasons in accordance with PATH, Intl. operating center guidelines.


No participant will be dismissed without an opportunity to discuss the reasons with supervisory staff.  The participant may at any time, for whatever reason, decide to sever the participant relationship with HETRA. Notice of such a decision should be communicated as soon as possible.


3.  Scheduling   

Once the initial evaluation is completed we will make a program recommendation for your participant and then see if we have a current opening in the HETRA schedule that is suitable to meet your participants needs.  If an opening does not currently exist then we will put your participant on a waiting list and you will be notified as soon as an opening becomes available.  

4.  Billing

  • Life Skills: the fees for this program are $15 per daily session and billed at the beginning of the 12 week course. 
  • Registration Fee:  A annual $30 registration fee is charged at the time the participant returns for sessions.
  • Reevaluation Fee:  a reevaluation fee of $55 is charged any time a participant needs to be reassessed by a therapist due to a change in their situation.

Any participant (in any program) with an outstanding balance from the previous course will not be allowed to ride until the balance on the account has been paid, payment arrangements have been made or scholarship forms have been filled out.   In addition, all participant fees that are not paid according to the previous payment arrangements, will be assessed a minimum of $20.00 charge per month (beginning once the invoice has gone over 30 days) to cover administrative expenses on the balance. 


5.  Cancellations


You will be notified by phone, email and/or text message for weather cancellations.  

       Participant tardiness:  Any time a participant is late their session time will be decreased accordingly in order for the schedule to remain intact.  


        Dropping out of a session:  If a participant drops out prior to the end of a 12 week session, there will be a $50 charge assessed, if not medically necessary.  


6.  Scholarships


HETRA offers partial scholarships to all those who need them.   Scholarship levels will be approved according to the federal poverty guidelines.  If you do not qualify for a discount based on the guidelines but still need assistance please contact Erin Bevington, we will be happy to work with you.  We also ask that all parents/families that are able to participate in the scholarship program assist during the year with 1-2 fundraising activities that help keep the program affordable to all of our participants, and provide a minimum of 4 volunteer hours per 12 week session.  We will provide a discount form at your request during the initial evaluation along with a list of volunteer activities for your review (these will include activities that can be completed at the barn or at home).  

HETRA has also instituted a discounted services plan for those that help to raise funds for HETRA or those that volunteer for HETRA.   We do have a list of other community resources that may assist with the cost of the program for your participants.  We do ask that you follow up with these resources if you are in need of discounted services or a scholarship first and if you are denied at this level then we will assist you through the HETRA scholarship program.




No open toe shoes, sandals, or clog type shoes.  No slick (jogging type) pants.  We would prefer that your participant wore pants instead of shorts as the saddle can get very uncomfortable with direct skin contact.




We ask that children be monitored and in direct vision of the adult at all times while at the facility.  Please review the barn rules with your children prior to arriving at the barn.




Do not bring dogs or other animals to the barn with you at anytime.  The exception to this rule is service animals.  Please let your Instructor know if you will be bringing a service animal to the session with you.




Please direct questions to your participant’s Instructor.  If you do not get a satisfactory answer to your question please feel free to contact us at (402) 359-8830.

Please enter none if not applicable

Mother/Guardian Information (minor or dependent adult only)

Father Information (minor or dependent adult only)

If other is selected please fill in the fields below.
Individual Responsible for Payment (only if other than Mother or Father)

In the event emergency medical aid/treatment is required due to illness or injury during the process of receiving services, or while being on the property of the agency, I authorize Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy to:

1. Secure and retain medical treatment and transportation if needed.

2. Release participant records upon request to the authorized individual or agency involved in the medical emergency treatment.

In the event I cannot be reached please contact: 

Emergency Contact #1

Emergency Contact #2

I have listed all significant medical information to the best of my knowledge: 

Liability Release

Photo Release

Medical Consent

Consent to Treat 

Barn Rules

Privacy Policy