The Common Market Food Access Fund: Community Partner Application

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We're so glad that you are considering partnering with The Common Market to provide locally sourced, sustainable and fresh foods to your community! Please fill out the following form (5-10 minutes) to see if you are eligible for our program and to provide logistical information.

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Page 2: About your organization

Please fill out the following question to help us learn more about your organization and who you serve. We can provide a 25% discount on good food purchases (while funds are available) to organizations that meet the following criteria: • Organization is mission driven (non-profit/501 c3 or social enterprise) • Organization is community-based and their impact is focused and targeted (neighborhood or community/population specific, not necessarily city, region or country-wide) • Organization is committed to expanding food access, building health and wealth in communities and/or alleviating food insecurity • It might be difficult for this organization to source from Common Market without this discount in place • Organization is led-by and/or works closely with community members most impacted by limited food access with a goal of leadership development and/or food sovereignty. • Majority of food purchased with discount goes directly to community members impacted by limited food access (e.g. avoid selling food purchased with this discount for a higher mark-up at markets to fundraise).Click here to enter text