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Guidelines for Pet Advocacy Grant Application

Banfield Foundation Pet Advocacy Grants fund programs that help pets and their families stay together. The Banfield Foundation funding priorities are focused on programs that provide a direct solution to avoid surrender or separation of companion pets from families.

Some of the program types we fund are:

- Basic veterinary care for financially-challenged companion pet owners and families.

- Programs that help the vulnerable population (homeless, seriously ill, homebound, disabled, domestic abuse victims, etc) care for or keep their pets.

- Education programs that directly relate to keeping companion pets and their people together.

- Behavior modification programs to correct inappropriate companion pet behaviors so that pets may remain in the home.

- Disaster preparedness focused on pets and pet owners.

- Special projects may be considered. Please contact us prior to submitting a request that does not meet the

above guidelines.

The Banfield Foundation does not fund:

- Spay and neuter or adoption programs.

- General humane education programs.

- Behavior modification programs for pets awaiting adoption.

- Indirect operating expenses, deficit reduction, or general administrative overhead expenses. Unrelated salary expenses will not be considered.

- Fundraising campaigns, including special events.

- Grants to individuals, or to provide support for business enterprise.

- International programs.

- Programs that relate to or promote a specific political position.

- Construction costs for new buildings or remodeling proposals.

Please do not include the above items in your funding request. If you have a question about specific items to be considered for funding, please contact us by phone or email.

Financial Guidelines

The Banfield Foundation prefers grant applications from small and medium sized nonprofits. However, if your operating budget is greater than $5,000,000, the project budget for which you are seeking funding must be less than $250,000.

To complete this application, you will need:

- Narrative addressing your organizational history; program goals, activities, reach and budget; and planned


- Program budget

- Organizational budget and financial statements

- Other funding sources for this program

- IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter

- Qualifications of key individuals

- List of Board of Directors

- Organizational chart

- Final reports from any previous grants from Banfield Foundation or Banfield Charitable Trust

Optional attachments may include:

- Whistleblower Policy and Conflict of Interest Policy

- Program or organizational promotional materials

- Recommendation from a Banfield associate

Please note that all attachments must total under 20 MB. We strongly encourage you to compress all files

using a free online resource such as

Organizations can only be approved for funding once a year, and for a total of two consecutive years for the Veterinary Assistance, Veterinary Medical Equipment and/or Pet Advocacy Grant programs.  If you have been funded by the Banfield Foundation for the last two years for these programs, you will not be considered for a third year of funding.   After a gap year, you will, however, be able to apply for these grant program again.  This rule does not apply to our Disaster Relief program.  If you have any questions on whether your organization is eligible please don’t hesitate to email Darlene at 

The next deadline for Pet Advocacy Grant applications is April 30, 2019. Please contact Darlene

Schwartz, Program Manager, with any questions about how your program meets the funding goals of the

Pet Advocacy Grant program, at or 360-784-7866.
Primary Contact Information

Secondary Contact

Organization Information

If you are a governmental organization and do not have an EIN, please email for instructions.


We currently only accept applications from organizations in the United States

We currently only accept applications from organizations in the United States

Banfield Foundation
Program Information

Name or brief summary of the program for which you are requesting funding.

Average grants are between $5,000 and $15,000

To select multiple states, hold down the Ctrl or Cmd key while clicking each state you wish to select.

Funding Priorities
Indicate which of the Foundation's funding priorities will be addressed by this request

Funding History with Banfield Foundation
List the date and grant amount your organization has received from Banfield Foundation or Banfield Charitable Trust. If there is more than one response please select the 'Add Another Response' button. 

All files attached to this application must total less than 20 MB. Please compress your files at a free resource such as
Banfield Foundation
All attachments must total 20 MB or less. We encourage you to use a free resource such as to compress all files. If your attachments total over 20 MB, please contact us at for options.
Narrative (maximum of 6 pages)
1. Briefly describe the project or program for which you are requesting a grant from the Banfield Foundation. 

2. Provide an introduction and background of your organization incorporating the following points: 
     a)  Briefly describe your organization’s history and major accomplishments. 
     b)  Describe your current programs and activities. 
     c)  Who is your constituency? How do they benefit from this program and/or your organization? 

3. Describe your project in detail, incorporating the following points: 
     a)  Problem statement: what problems, needs, or issues does your project address? 
     b)  Describe how the program matches one or more of the Banfield Foundation’s funding priorities.  How does the program keep pets with their families?
     c)  Describe the program’s goals and activities involved in this request. 
     d)  If your program is designed to assist low-income families, describe how you will verify income.  
     e)  How many pets and families will be helped by your project? 
     f)  How does this program provide a long-term solution to solve the problem? 
     g)  What is the geographic reach of your program?  (Please list counties and states covered) h)  Indicate other funding sources for this program. 

4. Describe your plan for evaluating the success of the project incorporating the following points: 
     a)  How will you measure the success of the program?  
     b)  How will you track the result? 
     c)  What questions will be addressed? 
     d)  Who will be involved in evaluating this work? 
     f)  How will the evaluation results be used
All attachments must total 20 MB or less. Please compress your files with a free resource such as

All attachments must total 20 MB or less. Please compress your files with a free resource such as

All attachments must total 20 MB or less. Please compress your files with a free resource such as


If you are a governmental organization and do not 501(c)(3) designation, please email for instructions.
Organizational Structure



Other Attachments
If you have any other attachments that you would like to add please attachment (e.g. program brochures, news and PR, other comments, or photos) please attach them below. If you have more than one please select 'Add another response.'
All attachments must total 20 MB or less. Please compress your files with a free resource such as