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Helping Hands Fund Application

The Helping Hands Fund provides a unique opportunity for organizations to apply for funding by submitting a short application online or being invited to apply by All Stars staff. Small grants ranging from $250-$1,500 are awarded on a quarterly basis to organizations up to $5,000 total per quarter. Organizations may apply for funding for a project including, but not limited to: unrestricted funds, leadership development, holiday program support, and community outreach.

Organizations must meet the following minimum criteria in order to be considered for funding:

  1. Possess a current 501(c)3
  2. Benefit primarily low-income youth & their families
  3. Be within an All Stars Helping Kids program service area
  4. Serve a community need

Applications will be reviewed by All Stars staff. 

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Organization Description

Helping Hands Project Description:

Helping Hands Grant Evaluation Questionnaire

Low Income Status:

Does your project serve a need in the community? 
Rate on 0-3 scale: 0=No, 1= yes, but minor need, 2= yes, short term major need, 3=yes, long term major need.

Please enter an amount up to $1,500.