Habitat Build Day Participant Registration and Sign up

Start time: 8:30 am

  • Please ensure that your email is correct before proceeding further.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been approved.

Participant Details

Might you use another first name when signing up for shifts? For example Pat instead of Patrick

Additional Information

Home Address (For Waiver Purposes Only)

Emergency Contact

Please be sure to specify your emergency contact's first and last name.

Health & Safety Disclaimer

Please review each of the following steps to proceed with registration: 

  1. Read the Safety, Health and Environment Policy
  2. Read the Site Safety Guidelines
  3. Read the Volunteer Code of Conduct
  4. View the Construction Site Safety Video
  5. View the Restore Site Safety Video

Participant Release
In consideration of my entitlement to participate in the activities of Habitat, I hereby release and forever discharge Habitat from any liability for injuries, illness or other damages which I might suffer as a result of my participation in such activities, including any injuries, illness, or other damages caused by negligence.
I understand that various activities of Habitat, including construction and renovation work, involve serious risks (both known and unknown) and hereby agree to assume all such risks and the consequences thereof without any right of recourse against Habitat. I also understand that except for Alberta Workers’ Compensation coverage carried by Habitat, Habitat does not carry any insurance against such risks.

I hereby acknowledge the receipt of a copy of Habitat’s written safety policies and agree to strictly observe such policies at all times while engaged in Habitat’s activities.
I hereby grant to Habitat any interest which I may have in any photographic images or video or audio recordings which may be made in connection with Habitat’s activities and consent to the use of my voice and image without payment, or any royalties, or other consideration to me.

In accordance to the privacy law I understand that Habitat does not sell, trade, rent or in any way distribute my personal information.

By signing this Release, I acknowledge that my information may be used to keep me periodically informed of Habitat activities including programs, funding needs, special events, and opportunities to volunteer or to donate. If I do not wish be contacted, I will inform Habitat by email at officemanager@habitatsouthernab.ca  by telephone, or by mail with full name and address. To view Habitat’s Privacy Policy, please go to www.habitatsouthernab.ca.

**Minor Consent Form

If you are under 18 years of age, please download this form and have a parent or guardian sign it. Give the completed form to the supervisor at the start of your first volunteer shift. Minor Release