PLTW Grant Application

Thank you for your interest in submitting a Project Lead The Way grant application.  We encourage you to read the Preparing for Your PLTW Grant Application Guide before getting started. 

Please note that the PLTW grant application must be completed all at once.  We recommend that you download the editable PDF version of the application to use to prepare your responses.  Once you are ready to complete your application online, you can copy and paste your responses from the PDF into the online application.

Please also note that a separate application must be completed for each school interested in being considered for a PLTW grant.

Personal Information

Grant Contacts

Please provide contact information for two individuals that should receive all grant communications at your school.

Primary Contact

The primary contact is responsible for all grant paperwork for the school.

Secondary Contact


Organizational Profile

School Information

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Please tell us which PLTW programs your school would like to have considered for grant support.

Learn more about PLTW programs and courses.  

Launch Bar
PLTW Launch (K-5)

gateway bar
PLTW Gateway (6-8)

cs bar
PLTW Computer Science (9-12)

eng bar
PLTW Engineering (9-12)

Biomedical Bar
PLTW Biomedical Science (9-12)



Some PLTW grants have specific demographic eligibility requirements. We will use the information provided below to determine your schools's eligibility for these types of grants.

Please provide the student enrollment information for your organization:

Student Enrollment by Ethnicity: Please provide the total number of students for each ethnicity.

Student Enrollment by free/reduced price meals: Please provide the total number of students receiving free or reduced lunches.

PLTW at Your Organization






We believe all students benefit from access to PLTW programs. If awarded a PLTW grant, your organization has the flexibility to implement in the way that best meets the needs of your students and organization and aligns with grant requirements.



Growing and Sustaining Your PLTW Programs

PLTW grants are designed to help schools establish or expand PLTW programs in a way that can be sustained and grown over time.

Additional Information

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