Certification Assistance Application

You must agree to the following terms to receive Certification Assistance:

  1. To qualify for this program you must be an employee of  Trilogy Health Services, Paragon Rehabilitation, or PCA Pharmacy.
  2. In exchange for this payment, the employee agrees to work for the Company in their newly certified position for a period of  twelve(12) months from the completion of the training or certification. 
  3. If you leave employment, or move to PRN, prior to fulfilling the twelve(12) months work requirement, you agree to reimburse the company a pro-rated amount of the course expenses which will be deducted from your final paycheck.
  4. If your final paycheck does not cover the pro-rated assistance amount, you agree to reimburse the company through Money Order or Certified Check for the remaining balance. 
  5. If you leave employment with the company or withdraw from the course prior to completing the course and you have not worked with the company twelve(12) months following your last or assistance payment, you agree to repay the full amount of certification or training assistance that you have received or to pay the cost of the class directly to the institution if the company has not yet submitted funds to the institution.

Please Note: If you have already paid for the course out of pocket you must complete the Tuition Reimbursement application rather that this application. The Certification Assistance program is not for employees who have already completed the certification or training. For Tuition Reimbursement you must submit an invoice for the cost of the program and a record of completing the class. Payments in this program will be sent directly to the school.

Dashes are required for a valid submission.

If you are looking to apply for Nurse Aide Certifications (CNA, QMA, ETC.) or Culinary Certifications besides the CDM (Assistance Cook, Lead Cook, ETC) please go to www.trilogyjobs.com/fasttrack and complete the Fast Track Apprenticeship form. The selection below if for Certifications not currently offered through the Apprenticeship Program. Please only complete this form for CNA or QMA certifications if you have received prior approval from your Area Recruiter to be grandfathered into this program.

Training Selection

This Wound Care Certification costs $2,000 per student.  Students that do not pass the test will be responsible for retesting within 30 days at their own cost($330).

Wound Care - Not Eligible
Unfortunately, you are not eligible to pursue a Wound Care Certification at this time. You must have been involved in the care of wound care patients or in management directly related to wound care while actively licensed within the past five years for at least 2 years Full-Time or 4 years part-time.   

In the fields below please enter the information for where the payment should be sent. Please do not put the address of where the training is being hosted unless it is the same address where the payment should be sent. Submitting an incorrect address may delay payment by a minimum of 2 weeks, and sometimes up to a month, as Trilogy would be required to recover the incorrect check prior to issuing a check to the correct address/training group.  The company needs to know where the training payment must be sent prior to being able to make an approval of payment.  

If applicable. This may be required by your school for the payment to be credited to your account.

Use this field to upload class registration or any other documents needed to be sent with check. Must be consolidated into one document.

Note: This may not be needed in all situations. Use if vendor will not accept payment without documentation being provided with the check. 

My Check-mark below is an acknowledgement that I have fully read, understand, and agree to comply with each of the above terms. I am entering this agreement knowingly and voluntarily and promise to abide by its specified terms.