2019 Madison Area Host Family Application

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Application Requirements

In order to apply for a Host Family position with the Youth Ambassador Program, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a home located in the Greater Madison Area.

  • Be able to host a Colombian or Ecuadorian Youth Ambassador or Adult Mentor from September 14 to September 25.

  • Be able to provide a bed and 3 meals a day for the Youth Ambassador or Adult Mentor.

  • Be able to provide daily transportation to and from the Goodman Community Center to your home. **Please note that Participants CANNOT travel on any type of public transportation (Madison Metro) without a member of the host family or program staff. Carpooling is encouraged among families in similar neighborhoods.

  • Be able to pick up your Youth Ambassador during the afternoon of Saturday, September 14 at the Goodman Community Center.

  • Be able to drop of your Youth Ambassador during the morning of Wednesday, September 25.

  • Be willing to involve the Youth Ambassador or Adult Mentor in normal family activities on weekday evenings and on weekends.

  • All host families must be able to attend the required Host Family Orientation on August 24, 2019.

  • Be willing to submit information for a criminal background check for all family members in the home over the age of 18

For more information, please visit the FAQ Section of the AMIGOS website, or contact AMIGOS Youth Ambassadors Program Staff at yap@amigosinternational.org.

Head of Household Information

Head of household contact information


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Home Address

Additional Family Members' Information

Please provide the full legal name, age, and occupation for all additional family members.

School Information

Family Information

Religious Affiliation

Dietary Retrictions



*All participants will have studied English. However, actual language ability will vary.  Spanish language is NOT a recruitment to host. We only ask this questions because it may be helpful to place less advanced English speakers in households where some Spanish is spoken.


Hosting Preferences

Hosting Requirements

Serving as a Host Family is a volunteer position. AMIGOS is unable to provide financial compensation to Host Families. Please review the hosting requirements below. We recognize that there are costs involved with these requirements and we appreciate your generosity. The Youth Ambassador Program would not be possible without the support of volunteers like you!



The Youth Ambassador/Adult Mentor is required to sleep in their own bed and in a bedroom. Participants CAN share a bedroom with a member of the host family (If Participants share a room, it must be with someone of their same gender and age.)


Host Families are required to provide breakfast, a bag lunch and dinner for the Youth Ambassador/Adult Mentor on most program days.


Youth Ambassadors will participate in scheduled program activities from 9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday-Friday. AMIGOS Staff will meet Youth Ambassadors at the Goodman Community Center each morning. 

Home Visit


Background Check

Short Answer Questions

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to reviewing your application!