Application form for Partner NGO/CBO for MAS Program (under NHMM) - Note: We have extended the deadline and plan to keep it open until end of selection process 

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Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA) has been appointed as a Mother NGO and is working in collaboration with the National Health Mission, Maharashtra (NHMM), for the formation of Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS) in slum communities in 95 urban locations across Maharashtra by June 30, 2017. This covers the 26 municipal corporations, 65 municipal councils and 4 cantonment boards designated by NHMM. 


Background on SNEHA:

SNEHA is a registered NGO with the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. Since 2000, SNEHA has successful tested intervention models to address a range of issues for the health and nutrition of women and children in urban vulnerable settlements, across the MMRDA region. SNEHA is collaborating with other implementation NGOs and the government as a resource and training partner.  It runs more than 100 community groups in its project areas to engage on health and allied issues.


Proposed project:

The NHM places great emphasis on NGO involvement for universal health coverage. It plans to set up one MAS per 100 households or 500 population. The purpose is to create a mechanism (MAS) for the community to partner public health systems, to build community ownership, engage in decentralized planning with the urban local body (ULB), to monitor its delivery on health care and to generate a movement for transformation in health outcomes. The MAS will support the Accreditated Social Health Activists (ASHAs) attached to the Urban Primary Health Centres (UPHCs), to perform to their potential. 


Benefits to you:

We believe that NGOs would benefit from participation in this state level, path breaking program, by strengthening your partnership with the ULB, ICDS, NHMM and other NGOs to achieve your organization goals and objectives, gain visibility, strengthen your community processes and augment your efforts towards convergence of stakeholders.  If you commit to form a minimum of 50 MAS, the incentive will enable you to appoint an additional staff to do the work. Once the MAS perform and sustain, you can use them as a vehicle to replicate your successful intervention models. For every MAS formed and bank account opened, the local NGO will receive an incentive of Rs. 500 from SNEHA.



MAS formation requires about 10-12 members (women and men) of the community to come together, select office bearers and open a bank account in the local ICICI bank. Each MAS is given an amount of Rs.5000 per annum from NHMM to work on local health and allied issues.

SNEHA proposes to forge partnerships between local NGOs in 95 urban sites ( list attached) and the ULB in each of the 95 urban sites.The idea is that the local NGOs will support them to either convert existing community groups or self-help groups (SHGs) to MAS or form new MAS where none exist, in phases. 



Once selected in a transparent process, your role will be to:

-participate and conduct in the training

-conduct vulnerability assessment and resource mapping

-create the local resource directories and referral linkages

-convert existing community groups to MAS or form new MAS with ULB and SNEHA to deliver the MAS target

-ensure opening of MAS bank accounts

-initiate MAS meetings as per NHM guidelines

-document, report and review progress on a monthly basis


The ULBs will be similarly given all responsibilities to recruit, train and supervise ASHAs to ensure achievement of not just the formation of the MAS but its continued functioning. The ASHAs will be receiving an incentive for conducting MAS monthly meetings. 


Selection process:

-Submit application form for Partner NGO/CBO for MAS Program (under NHMM)

-Appear in an interview with a Selection panel

-Once short listed, cooperate in a due diligence visit to verify all facts stated in the application form and attached documents

-Once the visit report is submitted and decision of selection finalized, you will be required to sign an MOU with SNEHA and the ULB to begin work in October, 2016

The selection process may take 30 to 40 days from the date of the advertisement.

Selection criteria:

-willingness to partner with ULB and SNEHA to form community groups

-registered as a Trust or Society

-working in Maharashtra for at least past 3 years in health or allied sectors

-have community presence with employed staff 

-have a Savings Bank account in a local scheduled bank

General information

Organization focus areas

MAS formation preliminary target / committment

Documents to be submitted as part of application (please note - maximum total upload size is 20MB)

For total uploads over 20MB, please email the files with your NGO name and "MAS application" under subject line to

List of the 95 urban sites and corporations

Thank you for applying! We will notify you shortly. For any other inquiries, please contact Call: 022-6022-6295

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