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Personal Information

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Backgrounds, Beliefs & Goals

Please describe the salient aspects of your background and the ways these inform your current Jewish practice, including your decision to apply to Yeshivat Hadar. (2-3 paragraphs)

For certain classes, students are grouped by level. Please comment on your skill and experience with traditional Jewish text study (e.g. ability to read vocalized or unvocalized Hebrew texts for comprehension; ability to work through a page of Talmud/Tanakh with commentaries, etc.) Please be specific, providing, if possible, examples of texts that you feel fully comfortable with-including any that you have learned before in depth-and the texts you are most excited to develop proficiency in. (1 paragraph)

Yeshivat Hadar's central goal is the advancement of commitment to Torah, tefillah, and shmirat mitzvot lived in the context of an egalitarian Jewish community. What are your hopes, anxieties, and other feelings about being a contributing member of the Hadar community this summer, and beyond? (2-3 paragraphs - please touch on Torah, tefillah, mitzvot, and egalitarianism)

Yeshivat Hadar is interested in students with demonstrated leadership potential. Leadership skills are essential for the community organizing and programming that lies at the heart of the flourishing of the yeshiva. Please share a concrete example of your exercise of leadership in a communal context. What challenges did you encounter, how did you engage and negotiate with others, and what would you do differently in the future? (1 paragraph)

What have been your most formative experiences in Jewish education? What skills do you currently possess, and what skills do you need to develop to become a compelling Jewish educator?

Yeshivat Hadar embraces the State of Israel as a central component of the contemporary experience of being Jewish, wherever in the world one lives, while insisting that our relationship with Israel be honest, complex and reflective of a very broad spectrum of political views. Please describe your relationship with Israel. (1 paragraph) Next Previous

Program-Specific Questions

Year Yeshiva

Why is next year the right time for you to study at Yeshivat Hadar? What are your most urgent goals for your time at Hadar, and why are those goals of consequence to you? Where do you see yourself, personally in professionally, in five years? How will your life five years from now be different because of your time at Hadar (2 paragraphs)
Summer Yeshiva
Hadar offers a limited number of summer fellowships in the amount of $1,000, in addition to any other grants for which a student might be eligible (for more information, read here). These fellowships are awarded to students who are deeply committed to Hadar's vision of Torah, Avodah and Hesed lived out by observant Jewish communities, where all, irrespective of gender, are full citizens and leaders. Eligible students will either have demonstrated leadership in these areas in North America and/or Israel, and/or see their studies at Hadar as an opportunity to enhance their future contributions to these values and the communities that embody them as lay leaders.