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Please note that this form may be used only by currently enrolled Princeton University undergrad and grad students who seek to gain access to the Princeton Entrepreneurial Hub at 34 Chambers Street.

The Princeton Entrepreneurial Hub officially opened its doors in June 2015. Since then, the "Hub" has increasingly become a vibrant space for those engaging in activities focused on design thinking and entrepreneurship. This includes student, faculty, and alumni startup ventures, club and organizational meetings and events, and projects/team meetings related to design thinking and entrepreneurship at Princeton.

Students interested in becoming part of the Hub community must be currently enrolled and have a valid, active Princeton University ID card in order to enter the building. Please be sure to carefully read the Hub Code of Conduct before submitting this form.

Princeton Entrepreneurial Hub Space Rules
  • Please note that only the co-working spaces (rooms 002 and 100)  are open to students for regular use and all co-working space tables are first come, first served. The tables in the kitchen/lounge area downstairs are also available on occasion, if needed.
  • There are no table assignments for students and all personal belongings must be removed nightly. 
  • Do not leave any valuable items (computer equipment, etc) unattended at any time! Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • DO NOT prop open any exterior doors at any time. If you are loading/unloading equipment, get a friend to help hold the door open.
  • Bicycles may not be parked on the sidewalk. Use the bike rack behind the building or across the street in front of Princeton Corkscrew.
  • Clean up after yourself before you leave. Be considerate to others using the space.
  • Furniture may not be moved to other rooms or removed from the building at any time.
  • Conference rooms (114 and 115) must be reserved to be used and there is a 2-hour reservation limit. 
  • Recurring (daily/weekly/etc) conference room reservations will not be accepted. These rooms are designated for occasional private meetings and conference calls only. Please check with Elaine Caron ( for availability. 
  • From approximately June 10 - August 16, the Hub is reserved for eLab and Tiger Challenge programs. Space is extremely limited in the summer months and the space is not open for general use at this time.
Applicant Information

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