LEAF Investor Interest Form

The form below provides LEAF with the necessary information to send you a personalized investment agreement. Once you have signed the agreement, please mail your check to LEAF at:

386 Western Avenue
Boston, MA 02135

Note: If you select to receive your investment agreement electronically, it will come from us via DocuSign, an encrypted service for signing and downloading documents online. If you have any questions or concerns about if an email is from LEAF or not, please call us at 617-232-1551.

Basic Investment Info

Below is a chart that shows the relationship between term length and interest rate. Many of our investors purposely choose a lower rate to enable us to offer lower rates to our borrowers; thank you!

Term:       Interest Rate:
1-2 years    0% – 2%
3-4 years    0% – 2.5%
5 years       0% – 3%

Other Questions

LEAF reports interest income paid to you to the IRS in compliance with federal law. LEAF is an equal opportunity lender, provider, and employer.