Referral form for MS Support and Services

 Sensitive data notice: Multiple Sclerosis Limited takes every precaution to protect private patient data. This form is transmitted via a secure connection (SSL), and online data storage is kept to a minimum.
 Referrals can also be accepted for people with a diagnosis of a recognised allied neurological condition. Contact MS Connect on 1800 042 138 for further details before lodging a referral request.
Health professional details (referrer)

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* = this includes consent from the patient's guardian if they are not able to provide consent themselves.
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Clinical assessment

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(e.g. pertinent medical documentation, letters from Centrelink, etc)
 Services desired

Note: not all services are available in all states; however we will endeavour to refer on to other providers where appropriate.

(e.g. "client wants to return to work", "immunotherapy information", etc)

(inc. full name, contact no., relationship to patient - e.g. carer)

(inc. agency name, contact person if known, phone no.)

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