Summer 2017 Application

Live Oak Wilderness Camp

Thank you for applying to Live Oak Wilderness Camp for summer 2017. We encourage campers and parents/guardians to complete the application together if possible.

We have limited spots available per session, so we strongly encourage you to complete your application as soon as possible. We will review applications and select campers on a bi-weekly basis. All information will be treated as confidential. If your child is accepted, a deposit will be required to secure his or her spot. You will receive additional information regarding deposit upon notification of acceptance.

Accepted campers are expected to attend a mandatory orientation either on Tuesday, April 18th or Thursday, April 20th (2017) for our required camper kickoff celebration and orientation. 
If you have questions as you complete the application, feel free to visit our website at or contact us at

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    Camper Information

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(Note: Live Oak is accepting new campers who are between the ages of  9 and 12. For summer 2017, we can only accept new campers up to age 12. Returning campers can be up to age 15. 

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    Summer Sessions

Accepted campers will be placed into one of three summer sessions. (This is a change from 2016, when we had four summer sessions. Please see our website for additional details regarding this change.) Each of the three sessions has a limited number of spots available. 


This year, for the first time, returning campers to Live Oak can register to attend back-to-back sessions, or can elect to attend Live Oak for the entire summer. Multi-session campers and staff will stay at camp on the days between sessions. They will not return to New Orleans in between. We will cover additional details regarding this during camper orientation and in the camper and family handbook, which is sent in the spring.  


Please consider the following information when applying and selecting a session (or multiple sessions).

  • One session (11 days): full tuition is $1,600 if paid before Dec. 31, 2016; $1,700 before April 1, and $1,750 before May 1.
  • Two sessions (24 days): full tuition is $3,200 if at least half is paid before Dec. 31, 2016; $3,400 if at least 1/2 of tuition not paid before Dec. 31.
  • Three sessions (35 days): full tuition is $4,800 if at least half is paid before December 31, 2016; $5,100 if at least 1/2 of tuition not paid before Dec. 31.

Please select your rank of the sessions according to your preference and availability. We will do our very best to provide each camper with his or her top session choice where possible. If you have no preference, put "1st choice" for all sessions that you're available for.

    Camper Questions

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    Teacher/Principal Recommendation Info

For new campers* we require a teacher or principal nomination in order to work in partnership with campers, families, and schools. Upon completion of the application you will receive an email link for you to send to your selected recommender. Acceptance decisions are made only after receiving a recommendation.

* If you are a returning summer camper, we strongly encourage you to secure a letter of recommendation from a teacher or principal in advance of the summer, but it is not required. We will be reviewing letters of recommendation with you as a part of your leadership development goals. 

    Parent/Guardian Questions

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Background Information: Live Oak Camp is located at Camp Tiak in Wiggins, Mississippi. Live Oak provides transportation to and from camp, as well as all meals. Live Oak Camp tuition is $1,600, if paid before December 31, and then increases to $1,700 if paid before April 1 and again up to $1,750 after that, which covers 11 days and 10 nights of camp, plus 4 Saturday retreats in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2018. In cases in which campers qualify for financial assistance, the parent/guardian contribution is reduced. Additionally, we have secured partnerships with specific schools across New Orleans to provide scholarships for a select group of their qualified students. In those cases we will make joint selection decisions with our school partners.

    Emergency Contact Information

If we are unable to reach the parents/guardians listed above, whom should we contact in the event of an emergency?
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    Health Background Information


Participant Medical Release

The health considerations noted on this form are correct to the best of my knowledge, and the camper applicant has permission to engage in all prescribed activities, unless otherwise noted. If medical treatment is warranted in the discretion of Live Oak Wilderness Camp staff, or if surgical care is recommended by a medical professional selected by Live Oak Wilderness Camp staff, then I give permission to authorize treatment for the participant identified above. (All efforts to notify the parent, guardian or contact person will be made first.)


Photo / Media Release

I grant permission to Live Oak Wilderness Camp and persons acting for or through them the right to use, reproduce, and/or distribute photographs, films, videotapes and sound recordings involving the participation of the individual identified on this form at Live Oak Wilderness Camp for use in promotional materials they may create.


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