Volunteer Application

Pre-Application Checklist

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Petey Greene Program! We estimate this application will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Before applying, please read the Become a Volunteer page on our website. Once you’ve reviewed that information, here are a few important reminders about the requirements and commitments for PGP volunteers.

  • We welcome applications from volunteers affiliated with our partner universities, as well as community volunteers (those who are not affiliated with our partner universities and/or are not university students).

  • The process of becoming a volunteer is selective. We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for educational justice and who are committed to learning about the injustice manifest in our carceral system, as well as becoming advocates in the movement to reimagine the criminal legal system.

  • Our program calendar follows the academic calendar, meaning volunteers are expected to tutor weekly during the semester with the exception of academic breaks, final exam periods, and holidays. Specifics about the program calendar will be communicated by your PGP regional staff member.

  • For certain tutoring programs, volunteers may be required to complete clearance paperwork and must have and bring a government-issued ID to tutoring each week (passport, state ID, or driver’s license).
  • We highly recommend all in-person volunteers are vaccinated against COVID-19. Some volunteers may be required to be vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination based on their tutoring assignment.
  • All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. 

The Petey Greene Program operates on a principle of inclusion. People of color, LGBTQ people, women, formerly incarcerated people, and system-impacted people with family and community history of incarceration, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Contact Information

This is the email address we’ll use to contact you about tutoring with the PGP.

Since you provided us with your school email address, this is the email address that we’ll use to contact you after you graduate, as part of the PGP Alumni Network.

Demographic Information

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PGP volunteers’ consistent attendance and commitment to continued learning are key elements of providing high-quality tutoring. To ensure the highest quality service for students, we ask that volunteers agree to the following:

Before the start of tutoring
  • 30-minute interview with PGP staff
  • 7 hours of PGP training and orientation
  • 1-4 hours of program site training, orientation, and/or clearance processes
While tutoring

  • 2 hours of tutoring every week
  • Commuting to and from tutoring to arrive on time (typically 30-90 minutes each way, depending on the tutoring site and traffic)
  • Submission of weekly attendance forms
Each semester:
  • 3 hours of ongoing training and learning
  • 1 hour debrief with PGP staff
  • Regular email communication with PGP staff, as needed 
You will receive more details about these commitments during your interview and in subsequent communication from PGP staff.


Experience & Skills
Please note that previous tutoring experience is not required to tutor with the Petey Greene Program. The PGP provides training both before a volunteer is placed and throughout a volunteer’s tenure. The following questions ask about previous tutoring experience so that PGP staff can best support all volunteers during their time tutoring with the PGP.


Are you system-impacted? The PGP defines system-impacted as a person who by their own experience, family experience, school experiences, and/or communal experiences has previous interaction or involvement with and who is legally, economically, familially, or psychologically affected by the criminal legal system. The criminal legal system includes arrest and/or detainment, appearance in criminal courts, incarceration, immigrant detention, juvenile detention, parole, and/or probation.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • I have been detained by law enforcement.

  • I have been arrested by law enforcement.

  • I have been convicted without incarceration.

  • I have been incarcerated.

  • I have a family member who is currently incarcerated.

  • I have a family member who was formerly incarcerated.

The PGP is collecting this information to assure that our program and staff remain sensitive to volunteers with lived experiences connected to the criminal legal system. This information will help us better understand how to accommodate the needs of all volunteers, regardless of experience, and it will allow the PGP to be particularly aware of the issues faced by system-impacted volunteers.
Select all that apply.
Correctional Facility

We ask this question because it can impact where you're able to receive clearance approval and therefore where you're able to tutor. However, the answer is not considered in evaluating your application and you do not need to provide details beyond the state and facility.

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