1.4 Barn Use Request

Barn Use Request ONLY - this request does NOT include volunteering.  Please complete our volunteer request form at community-harvest.org/volunteer.  

Primary Group Contact

If you do not have a cell phone number, enter in another phone number unique to you.
Facilities and Equipment Needs

Request Details

92 person occupancy max

By selecting submit, we agree to:
1.  Leave the facility in a clean condition in all areas used by your group.  See the checklist for details.
2.  Complete the items on the check-out list to insure the facility is secured after our event.
3.  Indemnify and hold the owners of the facility, Community Harvest Project, Inc., harmless from any liability or attorneys fees that arise out of our use of the Brigham Hill Community Barn.  We also represent and acknowledge that no fee has been paid by us for our use of the facility, and that such use is for recreational, conservation, scientific, educational, environmental, ecological, research, religious, or charitable purposes and that our use is therefore described in Mass. G.L. Ch. 21 Section 17C which protects the facility owners from liability for personal injury or damage to the property of others.
4.  Receive approval from CHP for any use of the CHP name, logo or mission prior to use in any communication or materials that are produced for events/meetings.
Reservation Acknowledgement
Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation via email from Community Harvest Project

Please print and read our barn usage policies and barn use checklist by clicking on the link
Barn Usage Policies

Barn Use Checklist

*The facility is not reserved until you receive an email confirmation from Community Harvest Project.