GO Oakland Advocates

Support Oakland Students. Make Our Schools Sanctuaries.

President-elect Trump has promised to deport at least three million people. We must take immediate action to protect Oakland students and families from arrest, deportation, and separation. To do this, we need our schools to be sanctuaries. 

We are calling on the Oakland school board and all charter public schools to update and reaffirm the resolution, Oakland Board of Education Commitment to Education of All Immigrant Children No. 0708-0139 to protect the rights and safety of immigrant families. 

The resolution, which lays out specific steps schools can take to protect the rights and safety of immigrant families, needs to be updated to cover new issues. These new issues include Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), police department procedures in schools, and data security. 

Please sign this petition to let Oakland school leaders know that we stand in solidarity with immigrant families and demand protection for immigrants in Oakland schools.