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If you have not already spoken to the Grants Team about your project ideas then we would recommend contacting them before proceeding. The Team are always happy to learn more about your group and to find out about what you want to achieve so we can ensure that we can make it happen.

Before proceeding please ensure you have also read the Success Guide and Journey Sheet available on our website.

Grants Team Telephone: 01773 525860     Email:

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Organisation Name and Address Details

Provide the name of your organisation as it appears on any governing documents.

This should be the address of the organisation. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

The telephone number and email address should be one at which the organisation is easily contacted, especially during office hours. If the organisation doesn't have a independent location you can use the contact details of the primary contact.

Main Contact Person
These are the details that will be used for correspondence purposes.

The contact person should be someone who has a good knowledge of the application as this is the person we will contact if we have any queries.

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About Your Organisation

Maximum of 500 words.
What type of organisation are you?  (Please select as many as appropriate).

You do not need to be a registered charity or company limited by guarantee to apply, but we do need to know more about the “status” of your organisation. If you are a sub-group, committee of a larger group or a local branch of a national charity, we can only fund you if you can demonstrate that you operate independently. This usually means you have separate rules & regulations, an independent committee, a separate bank account and are responsible for generating your own income.

Maximum 20 words.

Staffing and Volunteers
How many of each of the following are involved in your group?




When and Where

Where does most of your work take place....please provide the name of the Town, Village, Estate etc. Maximum of 20 words.

For Example , Every Monday 9 to 11. Maximum of 200 words.
About Your Project

Maximum of 500 words

Maximum of 500 words

Maximum of 500 words

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Sustainability and helping yourself where you can

Maximum of 500 words

Maximum of 500 words

Maximum of 500 words

Maximum of 200 words

Maximum of 500 words

We realise that you cannot give exact figures but please estimate as accurately as possible. This information is important and will be used to evaluate the project at the end of the grant period. (Please enter a number without any text values.)

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Project Budget


Please be as specific as possible for example: Two tables @ £30 each = £60, Rent for 12 weeks @ £10 per week = £120. Maximum of 1000 words

Please enter a breakdown of costs. If not applicable please enter N/A.

Please enter a breakdown of costs. If not applicable please enter N/A. Maximum of 500 words.
Supporting Documents

The following documents MUST be attached with this application, failing to do so will delay the assessment. 

Please follow the checklist below and tick the items you are attaching with your application. If you are not attaching any documents and intend to send these to us by post then do not complete this section.

Documents sent by post should be addressed to: 

The Grants Team

Foundation Derbyshire

Unit 2 Heritage Business Centre



DE56 1SW

I am authorised to submit this application on behalf of the group and confirm that the group's full committe is aware of and approves of the application contents.

I can certify that the information provided is true and accurate. 

I give our permission for information about our organisation to be stored by Foundation Derbyshire in accordance with the Foundation's  Privacy Policy. Foundation Derbyshire is registered to hold data under the Data Protection Act 2018.

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