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Note from FGC Staff
Changes made through this form will overwrite the meeting's QuakerFinder listing after a brief staff review. Any text you enter below will completely replace the corresponding part of your listing. Please do not enter information in this section that is not intended for public viewing.

Please allow up to 14 business days for updates to be processed and uploaded to your listing. 

Meeting Address
Note - this address will be used by Google Maps.
It should be formatted as a proper address with street number and postal code.

If you worship in multiple locations, or in homes, and don't have a street number, leave the address line blank. The zip code will be used to help folks find "meetings near me" - and thus it is an important piece of information.

You can include any additional information about how to find your meeting in the Description/Additional Info box.

Worship Time
For multiple meeting times, fill in the 'primary' schedule first, then click "add another response"

Please include the day of the week, the time, and which weeks of the month, if applicable.

If your meeting meets once per month, use this space to indicate which week Meeting is held

Specify season/months, frequency, day of week, and time of day if possible.

Please enter only one phone number here. Additional information about calling this meetingshould be entered in Description/Additional Info.

Please enter only one email address here.
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First Day School and Bible Study

This section is for Public information and will be published on your meeting's Quaker Finder listing.

This section is for internal comments only and will not appear on your meeting's Quaker Finder listing.